November has been so mad that I completely forgot to blog about the awards received on the 21st! In my defence, the whole day was spent delivering the IPS workshop, and then right at the end Bryt arrived so you could say I was a bit distracted!

Anyhow, the wonderful Molly the Collie, owned by wonderful client Rachael, took Gold in the Guild. This image was the very first photo captured on their photo session and it is one that Rachael purchased in print too which is so nice!

Here is Molly:

But Molly isn’t the only red collie that took gold. Oh no, the month before (I know, I know, it’s basically December!) Ryoka the 6-month-old puppy took Image of the Month with a gold too! This was Ryoka’s image, which coincidentally also scored highly in the MPA international awards:

Again, that’s not all (yes, I know!) – the following also placed highly in the last two months:

That should be all the awards for one year, excited to see what next year brings!