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Start your photography journey right.

Aim: The aim of this online course is to take anyone who is brand new to photography through the fundamentals and core theory, leaving them prepared with the foundations required to take on any tutorial available on the internet, including ours.

Please note: This course is for budding photographers who have just got their very first cameras or are wanting to venture off the “Auto” setting ASAP. It’s theory packed but essential knowledge for mastering your camera!

Start time: Anytime!
Learning Style: Self Learning
Type: Theory Only

You will need:

  • A DSLR/Mirrorless camera
  • Your cameras manual (you can find them online)
  • Patience and determination!


Hours of tuition



The info:

When you get your first camera or want to stop using the Auto setting, you can be left overwhelmed and confused about what everything means. This is normal!

Starting out with photography comes with a massive mountain of information coming at you from all directions – we’ve all been there. However, I’ve taken the lessons I go through in my in-person beginner workshops and popped them into this online course.

Suitable for any beginner, or those who are confused with core terminology, you’ll leave understanding the a variety of different theory foundations that are absolutely essential for progressing as a photographer. In this course, we’re going to cover:

  • An introduction to cameras
  • Exposure and the Triangle
  • Selecting setting for Manual mode
  • An introduction to lenses
  • Focus modes and areas
  • Core imaging essentials
  • Lighting basics
  • Composition theory

And it’s all online so you can join from anywhere in the world!

Please note, this course is delivered in English.

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Who is teaching?

This course is taught by International Multi-Award Winning Photographer, Jessica McGovern who has the following credentials:

  • 100+ Recognitions for photographic work
  • International Pet Photographer of the Year 2020
  • Pet Portrait of the Year 2020 (and runner-up)
  • Northern Pet Photographer of the Year 2021 & 2022
  • Northern Equine Photographer of the Year 2021
  • International Panoramic Photographer of the Year 2021
  • Speaker at The Photography Show 2021 & 2022
  • YouTuber & Educational Content Creator
  • Featured in international publications

Regardless of location, means, background or gender, Jess believes that Photography is a skill where every individual can feel safe in their personal expression. She loves nature, landscapes, moving pieces of portraiture and high impact imagery.

Here are some things that people have said about Jess’s training in the past:

{Jess’s coaching and seminars have been invaluable in helping me to grow as a dog photographer. She has been a wealth of knowledge. On the technical side, she has helped me push up the quality of the photographs I take, in-studio and with outdoor action shots. I have also had guidance on running my business in areas such as marketing, sales and advertising. It’s been such a help having someone who has “been there and got the t-shirt”. Her passion for the art and genuine desire for her students to reach their potential shines through. If you are looking for coaching to take your photography to the next level I highly recommend Jess.
Danny Courtis

Before signing up for the Photoshop Foundations Course, despite being a user of Photoshop for some time, I had always struggled with ‘Blend Modes’ and working in Camera Raw. Jess explains things in a very easy to understand way, unlike many previous courses I have undertaken, and I now feel super confident in approaching my editing using better methods than before.

Steve Cole

All I can say if you do not attend this you are missing out!

I highly recommend a “one on one” with Jess, although she is more than generous with all the exceptional content she produces and posts, there is something to be said about working “one on one“ together.  Jess was so gracious as I was feeling a bit intimidated sharing my images, she put me at ease quite quickly and shared her awesome Lightroom and Photoshop workflow that was relevant to my images.  Jess offers a summary sheet as well, make sure you opt-in for that.   I was able to follow along and pay attention to our session knowing I didn’t have to take notes. They are well detailed and captured everything we reviewed-  Jess it was a real honour to work with you, I know I will book another session soon.
Donna Pownall

The IPS workshop was extremely helpful, explaining everything I needed to know. The additional information I received afterwards was extremely help too. Thank you!


I absolutely loved every minute of this in person sales workshop. I am just about to start my business and I feel I learnt a lot, it was great to gain insights of working with clients, how to handle their objections. It was also great to hear other participants experience. It made me very excited to work on my brand, define my price list and implement this process. The workshop was packed with lots of valuable information, I would highly recommend it to everyone!


I had a great couple of days, learning so much from Jess both in terms of looking at potential locations as well as a full editing workflow. As part of the workshop we were given a very professionally put together book covering all topics of the workshop, this was a very welcome surprise. All in all the workshop was extremely good value for money and I will be attending more of Jess’s workshops in the future.


I just cant believe that there is anything like this workshop on the market!!!!! it’s extremely useful! and the level of details, and transparence with which Jess share the information it’s just priceless! I cant recommend this workshop enough! or any of the ones provided by Jess, I have done every single one of them and I am always blown out by the richness of the things I learned. Thank you so much Jess!


Even though I thought I was competent at dog photography there is no doubt that this weekend course has lifted my standard up quite a few notches. To standards higher than I knew existed. The course is 10x more helpful than YouTube and we all know how good they are!


I joined this workshop to learn more about photo’ editing, but I learned so much more than this. I learned that the editing is like the candle on your birthday cake. It finishes it off well, but it’s really not that important. Jess is a very talented teacher with so much knowledge & a great way of delivering that knowledge. If anyone is in two minds about whether this workshop is worth the money, then my answer would be yes. Every single penny & then some.


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Photography for Beginners Online Course


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