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Lost souls.

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Participation Requirements

To be a good fit for this behind the Lost Souls scenes end-to-end walkthrough, we would hope that you are:

  • Able to understand Photoshop layers and masks
  • Able to understand spoken English
  • Have a fair amount of patience
  • Have a vested interest in the “how” of this piece

It is a long process to get Lost Souls from idea to print, so the above criteria is really important. If you do meet all of the above criteria, continue onwards! 

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What’s in it?

Well, literally everything that it took to get to the Lost Souls final print! Throughout the videos, we’ll walk through the entire process which took almost 1 year, including the following steps:

Feb 2021

The Idea

The walkthrough starts right here, with literally just an idea. We sit together and I scketch out the thoughts I have in my mind.

Mar 2021

The Training

Oh yes, the training sessions to teach Alfie how to reliably hold that prop for photography are also included, warts and all.

Apr 2021

The Shooting

The BTS of the actual captures, including the flame.

May – Aug 2021

The Editing

The editing process was spread over several weeks to fit around my workload. From file selection through to scene composites, turning day to night, adding the candle, shaping the flame and more, everything is detailed in 11 videos (4 hours) of semi-tutorial, semi-BTS steps.

Sept – Nov 2021

The Printing

This image was destined for Print Comp, so nailing the print of such a heavy, dark scene was always going to be the highest priority. We print, amend for the last time, and then print some more. We also run through the BTS for photographing the prints.

Jan 2022

The Awards

As the results are released we will update the titles and awards that have been given to this image. So far we have 2x HM (fine art, pets) and 1x Silver Award + Finalist (fine art) in international competition.

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What others said about the walkthrough:

5 reviews for Lost Souls Access

  1. Alfred Passer (verified owner)

    A wonderful insight into the creation, planning and execution of a project from the artists perspective. To be sure there are many practical shooting and editing tips here but the greatest value is seeing the process from start to end. You can apply theses concepts to anything. A veritable roadmap. Very well done Jessica

  2. Renate Zuidema (verified owner)

    Amazing little course and a view in the behind the scenes from this amazing photo!! It is so nice to have a look on how it all started with a idea and how it all came together in the final image! This is a big inspiration for me on how to work out ideas from myself into a ( hopefully ) succes. Next to that, as a doglover. it is also very nice to see how Jess is training with her dog and there are even things that i learned how i could improve with my own dogs and tricktraining. Thanks Jess!!

  3. Lynn Busse (verified owner)

    Jess walks you through the entire process including all the thought processes, training, photoshooting and editing in minute detail. It is an incredible journey to witness seemingly first hand. Not only is it chockful of valuable learning material but it is highly inspirational. I am looking forward to creating something that is even a fraction of how beautiful and meaningful this image is. I can’t thank Jess enough for taking the time to share this with us. Well worth the (small) investment!

  4. Federica Repossi (verified owner)

    An immense world to explore, accompanied step by step by an exceptional photographer. His meticulously explained work really makes the students of his school grow.

  5. Sue Woodcock (verified owner)

    A fantastic journey so carefully planned with step-by-step precision. Not only is this wonderful to watch, but it is also packed full of new skills and learning concepts. The whole experience draws you in and makes you wonder what you could do if you put your mind to it.

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However, this is a freeform walkthrough, so if you really want to, you can jump about and miss sections as you wish.

How is this different to your YouTube videos?

YouTube is a platform governed by an algorithm, and as such, videos there are planned, constructed, edited and delivered in a specific way. Each video is short, fragmented and covers a teeny topic as quickly as possible with as little information as possible to get the topic explained.

Jess doesn’t cover the steps involved in this workflow in the same level of detail anywhere else.

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