Eeeeeek, there’s a new kid on the That Dog Spot block and she’s called Bryt!

Bryt is a black tri Working Cocker Spaniel who was bred by a wonderful student who just happened to attend the Autumn Workshops when Bryt was just a few days old! Since then, we’ve visited most weeks around Lockdown restrictions and when we haven’t been able to visit, we’ve been sent near-daily updates! Anyway, here’s her intro video and there’s more lower down:

Let’s cover off a few vital points:

Why “Bryt” and not Bright?

This will sound ridiculous to some but the main reason is that nearly half of the people reading this don’t speak English as their first language and half of those guys translate all of my content. That’s these blog posts, the YouTube videos, Instagram captions and Facebook posts too. Sadly, “Bright” switches languages so it’s a no-go for us here anymore. I LOVED the name Bright so I had to make it work – Bryt it was!

Ok, but why Bryt?

In the darkest of my days, there has always been dogs to add light to the darkness. The last few years have been an absolute rollercoaster and I’ve felt like things could disappear in a second until quite recently really. Now, things seem brighter and more positive. Adding this little bundle of fluff I guess is a symbol of what’s happened in the last 6 years since Alfie came home as a puppy.

Honestly, the whole story about how Bryt came into our lives is like a series of insane coincidences stacked one on top of the other. It was too crazy to ignore and thank goodness we didn’t. She’s awesome.

What did her siblings look like?

You know, I’m so glad you asked… check out the litter here:

Bryt is top centre ?

Photos of Bryt?

Just a couple edited, but hundreds taken!…

What would you say is important to look for when buying a puppy?

Firstly, if you don’t need your new dog for a specific job, consider rescuing a dog in need instead. If you are dead set on a puppy for whatever reason, that’s fine but really you want to look for the following:

  • See the puppy in real life with siblings and mum, ideally twice
  • Ask the breeder how many times the bitch has whelped – a number higher than 2 or 3 should be taken with caution
  • Ask to see the pedigrees of both parents. (this should ideally be sent on KC watermarked paper)
  • Ask to be sent a copy of the hip scores of both parents – the lower the number the better!
  • Ask to see the DNA results of both parents – look for CLEAR (great) and CARRIER (not a problem if only ONE of the parents are a carrier and the other is clear, but if this is the case, you absolutely 100% need to health test if YOU decide to breed your dog.)

Ok there’s loads more but those are the core ones for sure!

What is the plan for Bryt?

To be honest, the plan is whatever she wants it to be. She’s super smart and has already picked up lots of skills since being here so I don’t think that photography work, trick training, agility or being an awesome pet will be too hard for her!

I hope you guys welcome her to the team with open arms. See you in December!