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Here you’ll find a range of bits and pieces available for immediate purchase using our secure online payment processing system.

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Three different tiers of membership giving you more of all the good stuff and then some. MTog 2.0 now lives on its own platform, The Vault.

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Join MTog life?

MTogs are Members of That Tog Spot. The cornerstone of the community, MTogs get more because they want it. On top of long-form jam-packed monthly webinars, members also get a whole host of other learning resources and self-development opportunities, not least the live Q&A calls, VIP communities, bonus Photoshop actions, certification possibilities and a quarterly magazine.

Online Course Access

Direct and immediate access to the online courses can be purchased via the individual course information pages.

All our online courses live on the purpose-built Courses. website, you’ll be directed to it straight from the Information pages!

Looking for Online Courses?

No longer residing in this shop here, the course enrollment is now fully integrated into the standalone Courses. website, and you can get to the enrollment point for each course on its own information page. These pages are packed with very important stuff to make sure you know excactly what you’re jumping into, so take a look at the course catalog and get stuck in here:

Online One to Ones

Editing help, business advice, marketing wizardry or just a deep-dive critique of your portfolio, the Zoom one-to-ones with Jess cover what you need, when you need it.

To see which course would be best for you, please visit the online one to ones page.


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Other bits:

By request, we occasionally offer clothing for sale to the community, along with a regular supply of merch and gift cards.

eGift Cards are automatically emailed to the recipient with a special code for redemption across one or multiple orders within a 365 day period.

Workshop Reservations

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