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Welcome to Studio Bootcamp.

Learning Style: Self study only
Type: Theory and Practical

Aim: To learn and master important studio shooting techniques, focusing on multiple light set ups, theory and equipment.

Studio Bootcamp ran in its part-live, part-prerecorded format for 6-8 weeks at the end of 2023. In early 2024, the standard release of this course with all recorded lessons was made available for normal enrolment.

That means that even if you missed out on the live and community-centric run of this course, you can still gain access to the Bootcamp materials.

So if you got FOMO from the live run, or if you like what you saw others create, you can find the source of all of that here!





The info:

Studio Bootcamp – a comprehensive online course designed to elevate your shooting skills, brush up on your theory and edit images live within the course. We’ll delve into the exciting world of studio photography, covering one, two, and multiple light setups, including high key, fine art, and standard studio techniques, essential equipment, photography theory, and offer invaluable insights into setting up a studio space.

Key Course Highlights

  • Lighting Mastery: Learn the art of controlling light to create stunning studio photographs. Explore one, two, and multiple light setups, unlocking the secrets behind high key, fine art, and traditional studio lighting techniques.
  • Equipment Essentials: Understand the tools of the trade. We’ll guide you through the correct studio equipment and accessories to ensure you have a solid foundation for your studio photography journey.
  • Theory Made Simple: Dive into the core principles of studio photography theory, demystifying concepts that will enhance your creative vision and technical prowess.
  • Studio Setup: Discover the art of transforming your space into a functional studio, optimising every aspect from lighting to backgrounds, even if you’re working in a limited area.

And it’s all online so you can join from anywhere in the world!

Please note, this course is delivered in English.

how to use a rim light no rim at all

Participation requirements:

This course exists for photographers who know how to take a sharp photograph and expose it well. You do not need to have existing studio lighting knowledge but if you have, you’ll be able to skip past the basics easily with more advanced information available.

For shooting, it will help to have access to some equipment to implement each lesson yourself, but you do not need to have everything, or even anything, to take the course.

For retouching, we use Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, but you are more than welcome to follow along with whatever tools you have available. You can easily switch out Lightroom for Camera Raw if that is your existing workflow too.

We dig into a lot throughout this course, but before you enrol, you need to be at the “starting point” for getting the most our of what is inside. You’ll need to:

  • Be able to use your camera on manual mode [no? click here]
  • Be able to take a super sharp photo every time [no? click here]
  • Be able to correctly expose your images (outdoors is fine) [no? click here]

If you meet all of the above criteria, continue onwards!

Shot in Bootcamp:

(most of these are edited in Bootcamp too!)

Who is teaching?

This course is taught by International Multi-Award Winning Photographer, Jessica McGovern who has the following credentials:

  • 200+ Recognitions for photographic work
  • Judge for multiple international image competitions
  • Overall 20″x16″ International Photographer of the Year 2024
  • International Pet Photographer of the Year 2024
  • International Open Photographer of the Year 2024
  • International Pet Photographer of the Year 2023
  • International Pet Photographer of the Year 2020
  • Pet Portrait of the Year 2020 (and runner-up)
  • Northern Pet Photographer of the Year 2021 & 2022
  • Northern Equine Photographer of the Year 2021
  • International Panoramic Photographer of the Year 2021
  • Speaker at The Photography Show 2021 & 2022
  • 3 x Fellowships with 3 different organisations
  • Featured in international publications

Regardless of location, means, background or gender, Jess believes that Photography is a skill where every individual can feel safe in their personal expression. She loves nature, landscapes, moving pieces of portraiture and high impact imagery.

online tutorials.

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Are you a Trainer?

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Trainers, Influencers & Coaches

Unfortunately, due to repetitive, frustrating and demoralising situations occurring regularly over the past two years, we’ve had to make the decision to refuse access to any individual who offers, or plans to offer, photography, editing or business training to other photographers.

There are exceptions to our new no-trainer rule that we’re happy to make, but only if we’re contacted before membership registration to approve the sign-up.

“This has been one of the single hardest decisions I personally (Jess) have ever had to make. Over 50 different people have blatantly, unapologetically and aggressively stolen or skimmed content, workflows or resources in the past 18 months alone. Never again.”

We will always protect ourselves and others in our position, just as we would expect others to do, and we check for misuse and fraud regularly.

All our content, techniques, resources, plan structures, included elements and pricing are protected. As a hard line, any plagiarism, content skimming or intellectual property theft will be pursued legally and details of the breach will be shared with the industry.

It’s a shame it’s come to this, but we know we’re not the only educators to have had to implement this protocol. Please be a good human!

If you pass the above terms then there are no course pre-checks, no delays, no approvals and no launch dates, everything is on your terms. To sign up, you just need to add the access to your basket and checkout.

During checkout, you’ll be asked to create an account with an email address and password – make a note of these, you’ll need them to access the course. After checkout, your access starts then over on our dedicated Course platform, courses.thattogspot.com.

You can take a look at our other online courses here. 

Please note, this is a self-learning course so please try to make sure you have a good internet connection before starting! Access is for 6-months as standard. For lifetime access, check out the Memberships.

Access duration

The access duration for this course is set at 6 months.
Why? Read on…

Access to the lessons is set by default and by design – there is current scientific research displaying a strong correlation between learning deadlines and completion, retention and mastery. Self-management is crucial and even with a busy life or a time-pressured day job, if you prepare for our online courses, you’ll have enough time to complete the sessions plus practical assignments too.

We would recommend taking your time to work through the lessons and practise each topic before moving on but also to schedule in learning time to your diary to ensure you remain committed to working through your enrolled content.

We know this is a hotly debated topic in the online learning world, but for Jess as a science nerd, following the data is vital. So far a grand total of 0.3% of our total student enrolments have got stuck on the access length. We’re here to help though, so read on…

If at the end of the default access length, you feel that you need more time, just send us an email and we’ll sort that out as soon as possible – there is no charge for extending however extensions are for 3 months only and can only be applied once.

That being said, you can get lifetime access connected to an MTog membership if you need additional time. If you are an MTog already, you can request to have course access extended at any time, for any reason (you don’t need to tell us). Simply send an email to [email protected] to get the process moving. We’ll action it as fast as possible!


of people don't complete online courses if there is no deadline for access*

* W. Feng, J. Tang, and T. X. Liu, “Understanding dropouts in MOOCs,” Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, 2019 + J. Reich, “MOOC completion and retention in the context of student intent,” EDUCAUSE Review Online, 2014.

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Reviews from Students:

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Without a doubt the only course you need to learn how to take award winning images with studio lighting. Whether you’ve shot in a studio or you want to perfect the techniques this course has it all. Jess explains not only how to do each set up but WHY you’re doing it. Everything is explained completely and concisely without being condescending or wordy. Since staring Studio Bootcamp 6 weeks ago I have delivered product from 3 separate sessions and more than paid for the course.
– Shirley Cove

I thoroughly recommend Studio Bootcamp to any photographer wanting the ability to shoot consistently and with intent in a studio setting, rather than ‘winging it’, which is what I’ve felt I’ve been doing for some time now!

Jess provides theoretical and practical learning in an understandable and relatable manner, so each time she said ‘does that make sense?’ during the sessions, I could actually say with certainty, YES! Finishing each section with an editing tutorial was a great way to ensure everything ‘clicked’ (pun intended). The step by step live edit was a real bonus and I enjoyed keeping pace with Jess – and surprised myself that I was able to do so!

I’d have absolutely no reservations in recommending Jess or Studio Bootcamp to any other photographer wanting to hone their craft and take their photography to the next level. – Kelly Pettitt

Studio Bootcamp was amazing. I was completely new with studio photography, and I learned so much with these lessons. I feel I’m ready to go and take my own studio photos and get some more experience. It’s an addiction, once you start, you can’t stop, and I absolutely love it.
– Vera van Lier

I started Studio Bootcamp having never even touched a strobe before, I ended up being able to confidently use single light patterns and with the knowledge to do so much more! I 100% recommend this course, especially to others completely new to studio like me. Jess explained everything so well that when the time came to take my first-ever studio shots, I found it incredibly easy to put everything I had learnt into action!
– Sophie Lillis

I began with no skills and still have a ways to go. But what I gained from this course is unbelievable. My struggle comes with the time needed to put my skills to practice.
– Ann Evans

I was so impressed with Studio Bootcamp, as I am with all of Jess’s courses. Mastering lighting in general takes a ton of skill and practice. Mastering artificial lighting takes the skill set needed to do it well to an entirely new level. It can be quite intimidating, as well as challenging. This course was so thorough, incredibly detailed, and the techniques were presented in ways that even a new photographer could understand. Not only does Jess put a ton of time into creating her courses, she also invests an incredible amount of time helping her students, which to me, makes her courses far superior than other online offerings out there. – Elaine Walters

Living in a two-season country can make outdoor dog photography challenging, but Jess’s Studio Bootcamp at That Photography Spot made such a significant difference. Jess and her team have mastered the art of curating materials that foster optimal learning content and personalized teaching. Each session was meticulously planned, covering everything from the basics of studio setup to advanced lighting techniques, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for photographers of all levels. 

If you want to improve your studio photography skills, this bootcamp is a must. This course offers something for everyone. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and ultimately transformed as you embark on this photographic journey with Jess and her team. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. 
I can’t thank you enough for all that you do. You’re a truly inspiration teacher! – Sue Woodcock


I really loved the whole course! So much to learn, but Jess is really great in teaching every little part. I had some experience in studio photography before this course, but there was so much more I didn´t know about right use of light, editing and client work. I´m still going through the material and review it. So no matter if you are a beginner or experienced level I really can recommend this course. – Course Student

As a visual learner, I often find it challenging to engage fully in online workshops. However, I am so thrilled that I took the leap with this one. Jess’s teaching approach goes beyond merely explaining concepts, she demonstrates them with precision and clarity. I finished this workshop not only with a deeper understanding of studio lighting, setups and props but also with valuable insights into canine behaviour – an unexpected bonus that has already proven invaluable in my practice. Without hesitation, I would wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone looking to enhance their skills in Pet Photography. – Tina Cameron

I have puttered on my own with studio lights for years but truly feel like I “grasped” the concepts with this course. Jess explains things in the a most understandable way and was very motivating to try the different concepts. Now to practise, practise, practise! Also a shout out to Dan and the brilliant pups who helped make this experience a success!! Thanks! – Jeannie Gane

What an amazing course loved every minute of learning, I had no knowledge of studio work or flashes and I still don’t have the right equipment but when I do I will have the knowledge to make beautiful images. Thankyou Jess, Dan and the Doggos which were amazing! – Janice McInally

Before Bootcamp I had done a small amount of studio work using safe one light set ups or occasionally adding a rim light for separation. This course has given me the knowledge and skills to expand my studio work further. Like all MTOG courses this was worth every penny and would recommend anyone who want to improve their studio skills to give this one ago if it crops up again.
– Darryl Owen

Thank you Jess for putting this course together. Pre-bootcamp I was totally winging it; click, adjust settings, click, move light, click and so on and so on. I didn’t understand why somethings worked and others didn’t. I now can set up my lights in the correct position for the look I want to achieve, with the correct camera settings dialled in and get to work straight away with only minor adjustments needed whenever the subject moves.
– Linda Russell

I came into Bootcamp as my first proper training course with Jess and it will definitely not be the last. The way the learning was structured was complimented perfectly with easy to follow live tutorials, as well as being backed up with re-caps, learning cards, feedback sessions and much more. It gave me focus and enjoyment throughout, and i’m leaving the course 100% more confident in my own ability, knowledge and skill to tackle lighting situations as they are needed. Thanks guys amazing work!
– Martin Robinson

This course was beyond anything I could have expected. I started this course with absolutely no experience in studio lighting and technique, and I am ending it taking amazing pictures that both my subjects and myself are thrilled with. I have gained so much confidence in 6 short weeks and find myself dreaming daily about what kind of images I can create next! Jess and Dan are fun to watch and Jess is especially thoughtful and thorough in her approach to teaching and delivery of material. No stone was left unturned. I highly recommend Studio Bootcamp to anyone interested in ramping up thier skills and creating great images in studio!
–  Alicia Nardo

This course is fantastic for everybody who wants to initiate into Studio Photography and also for those who want to improve their skills. It is very well organised so you don’t get lost on the way. A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into creating this course and it is very noticeable from the first minute. 10/10
– Ainoa Juan Sancho

I felt so lost in studio before this course. I had purchased a set of strobe lights and was just setting up and throwing light at the subject hoping for a good outcome. I had no direction and no knowledge of light theory. This course has changed my entire process and made me so much more confident in studio! If you are new to studio or are experienced and just looking for a way to add that extra edge to your images this course will certainly get you there! I have learned so much, but still have a long way to go. I am certain that this course has given me all the knowledge I need to make truly stunning images in studio. All that’s left to do is practice!
– Liz Schmuck

Studio Bootcamp was an amazing experience for me. Jess has a way of making the process of learning new ideas easy. I know I’ll have to put the information to use and practise often, but I feel I have the tools I need to get this done. Thanks Jess for sharing your love of photography with us.
–  Sue Richardson

This course is absolutely the best course I’ve ever taken. Jess has a style of teaching that is so easy to understand and follow. I had zero knowledge of Studio setup, I mean absolutely zero! I had never seen or held a strobe light, modifier or reflector. I knew nothing about light patterns, light quality, sync speeds or triggers and receivers. WOW, I learned a lot, those words were not even in my vocabulary! I am now in the process of turning my storage shed into a Studio and I feel confident with everything I’ve learned in this course to setup my Studio and get cracking😁
– Jennifer Morris

Studio Bootcamp has been the greatest choice I’ve ever made. The idea of launching into studio photography was tempting but too daunting at the same time: what set-up to buy, which flash light, how do I actually make it work? So many questions that made me refrain from getting started. With the Studio bootcamp course, I have grown in confidence, knowledge and through Jess’ skilled advice and patience, I feel like I can tackle this now. Thank you Jess and the team for this wonderful course – my first since being an Mtog!
– Elisa Garcia

Amazing!!! This course has been so helpful and I feel like I have gained invaluable knowledge on the various lighting styles, I have enjoyed every minute of the course, learning the theory, the interactive live sessions and being able to put into practice what I am learning as we have gone through the course. The course has been so well put together and broken down in to sections that makes it easier to learn. Definitely a course I would highly recommend!
– Susan Tait

I loved every minute of Studio Bootcamp! It was invaluable to see all the live shoots in such a niche area as dog photography. Learning from linked theory and practical sessions was fantastic. Thanks, Jess and Dan, for such a well planned course!
– Carolyn Bray

Jess is an exceptional teacher with a unique approach to explaining complex concepts. Unlike other instructors, Jess makes learning engaging and relatable. I had a private session with her over a year ago, and she helped me get started on the right foot. Her class enabled me to overcome several challenges I was facing. Before working with Jess, I struggled to find an instructor who could explain things in a way that resonated with me. If you are considering enrolling in this studio course, don’t hesitate. I highly recommend this course and any other courses Jess offers!
– Toni Provencher

Thank you so much for putting this course together. It provided a framework for me, as a studio beginner, to get to grips with the absolute basics, right through to creating complex images. I’m very excited to have started my studio photography journey. Thanks again Jess.
– Bruce Leiper

Absolutely exceptional course, I love how you can work at your own pace, revisit things that didn’t quite make sense first time round. I have learnt so much about studio from this course and am enjoying putting it into practice.
– Jenny Smith

Studio Bootcamp was extremely worthwhile. Jessica covered everything and more – from theory, to live sessions and editing. The way it was explained made sense and I finally understood things that complicated me in the past. She went above and beyond what I was expecting. I have all the tools I need to take my studio photography to a new level. It was amazing.
– Ann Wagaman

I’ve gone from a total beginner who before this course felt bamboozled by any theory talk of studio, to someone who can confidently design my own sets and plan how I would like each light to work.
Jess is a fantastic tutor. I am so glad I did this.
– Annabel Richman

I am immensely grateful for the phenomenal Studio Bootcamp course you and your team have orchestrated. Your unique ability to simplify complex concepts and present them in an easily digestible format never ceases to amaze me. As always, you’ve succeeded in making the learning journey informative, incredibly engaging, and easy to follow.

The structure and thoughtfulness of the course design are evident in every lesson. It’s this meticulous attention to detail that makes your teaching stand out. What I’ve learned has not only enhanced my skills but has also left me feeling genuinely inspired. Your work is a constant source of motivation, reminding me of the heights one can reach with dedication and passion.

I wholeheartedly recommend your courses to anyone looking to delve into this field.

Thank you once again, Jess, for such a fantastic learning journey!
– Ana-Maria Manoila

I really like Jess’ combination of theory and practice. The theory videos were great for understanding the concepts, and how the lighting set ups were going to be implemented. The live shoots were great for seeing how the theory was actually implemented with real dogs, and what tweaks needed to be made for different dogs. It was also interesting to see the decisions being made ‘on the fly’ – understanding the thought process behind the different tweaks was quite helpful.

I also really enjoyed the full edit – it made my brain melt a bit, as this was the first full edit I’d seen, but it was incredible! There were so many things I never knew went into editing! While I didn’t catch everything the first time around (and probably won’t the second time around, either), it opened my eyes to all of the potential that I’ve been missing!

The ‘other’ videos (props and studio walk-through, specifically) were also really helpful for me to begin to understand what I should be thinking about in my tiny studio space, and in prop shopping (to the limited extent that I do it!).

While I’ve been a photographer for quite a while, I only ever really play in the studio (or do the basic two light setup for the animal shelter), and this course has inspired me, opened my eyes to the so many things I want to learn, and has left me feeling confident, but also excited to try new stuff. This is the first of Jess’ live classes I’ve ever done, but I will definitely be doing more. Thank you so very much – this was absolutely fantastic!
– Liz Dranow

Jess. You are amazing! When I first started photographing dogs back in 2019, I purchased a cheap studio starter kit from Amazon. This was to help photograph rescue dogs or raise money at animal shelters that would go towards all of the expenses the rescues would need help with. While very helpful for the rescues, it was a disaster and I never wanted to do studio photography again. Jump to 2023 when you announced there was going to be a studio boot camp, I couldn’t resist learning from someone who’s talent in studio was so unbelievably good. With-in the first few lessons everything started to click. Your theory, equipment list, everything anyone could need/want that would set them up for success in studio was right there. I’ve always been a super technical photographer and your teaching style and set up for every course in studio was perfect for me to follow and understand. You gave me knowledge & confidence to create, and showcase my studio photos of my dogs, and in the near future, build a successful studio of my own. Thank you Jess, for sharing your talent and knowledge in studio.
– Michelle Dawkins

The boot camp is a great workshop. Every detail is explained. I don’t get the impression that anything has not been said from all of Jess’s knowledge.
Everything is explained very well. This with words, song and dance if necessary :). You will also see many practical videos, which is very useful. This gives you the impression that you are just sitting in the studio with her.
If I had to choose again, I would definitely choose it again!
Thanks Jess!
– Els Decoodt

Studio bootcamp is an invaluable resource if you are looking to add or improve studio portraits. This is one of the best courses I have ever taken on studio lighting and well worth the investment! Jess not only explains everything in incredible detail, but the live shoots and image review help to reinforce the concepts. I highly recommend this course.
– Beth Boudreau

Having absolutely no experience of studio photography previous to this course I entered with trepidation, I can honestly say that I am leaving with a huge increase in both knowledge and confidence of what I am now capable of. I can only ever grow further from here on out and keep on pushing myself to become better. I cannot stress enough just how good Jess is not just at teaching but also supporting students through every step of the process. If you are reading this and considering doing the course stop right here and sign yourself up, you wont regret it.
– Anthony Gray

This has been an absolutely amazing experience.
I got some very basic studio equipment mid-October being very new to photography in general and wanting to take some nice pictures of my dogs in a more formal style. I found Jess and the team on YouTube and by pure chance was just in time for Bootcamp. Signing up was the best decision I made because I have learned so much and know that I will learn lots more after I’ve watched all the course material again.
Until that point I’d never used photo editing software either and due to Jess’ teaching style I decided to take her Photoshop for Beginners Course, which is also fabulous and I highly recommend.
I’m under no illusions and know that I still have a long way to go but I am now much more informed about lighting patterns and how various modifiers can make a huge difference depending on what I’m trying to achieve. The only down side is that it is addictive and way too much time gets spent in the Studio…. Don’t think twice about whether or not you should take this course, just do it!!!
– Mandy Delaney

I have puttered on my own with studio lights for years but truly feel like I “grasped” the concepts with this course. Jess explains things in the a most understandable way and was very motivating to try the different concepts. Now to practise, practise, practise! Also a shout out to Dan and the brilliant pups who helped make this experience a success!! Thanks!
– Jeannie Gane

This course has so much helpful information. I learn something new each time I rewatch it.
– Brian Wakefield

I learned so much from Jess. It was so useful to be part of this journey. Now i have to practice, practice, practice. But i believe i can do this!!
– Christien Brandwijk

Very well explained, lots of valuable tips and tricks!
– Mieke Verleysen

Thank you so much for your knowledge is does make more sense now. I learned a lot about the light settings and what it does to your subject can’t wait to put it more in practice.
– Michelle Hulshoff

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