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“No better place to learn (pet) photography!”
– Nika Kuplenk Golobic

(14 customer reviews)

The Membership started as a learning and development option, separate from our online courses to give those who wanted it more. Since then, it’s developed into a family.

Inside Jess’s inner circle, the Membership has access to a lot more than anywhere else. Access to her, access to a library of hundreds of resources and access to a family-like community of absolute legends. Members of That Tog Spot (MTog’s) get more because they want it.

Since July 2021, these members are the guide that Jess creates for, from courses to content and everything in between. Amounting to hundreds of individuals with one shared love, there’s nowhere quite like the Membership, which calls the MTog Vault its home.

The aim: To create a positive movement from the That Tog Spot® community, enhancing each members skills, techniques and personal growth to empower them to do whatever they want to do.

MTog 2.0

…is here, & it’s changed a bit:

A New Platform

No longer squished onto this website, the resources are combined with the community to provide instantaneous access to all premium content whilst feeling like part of the family – no more slow page load times or confusing organisation systems.

A New Structure

There are options for you to choose from at almost every turn, starting with which plan is best suited for you. Instead of investing in resources you don’t need, you can choose between one of two plans or bundle them together to get a discount!

A New Course

All Imaging & Premium Members will get access to the Self Critique for Success online course as part of their standard membership plan. No need to go elsewhere either, we’ve popped the entire course inside the MTog Vault ready for you to start.


different membership plans


delivered in English


purpose-built platform


pet photography focussed


members in the community

Ready? Check out the membership plans

Who is teaching?

That would be Jessica McGovern:

“Oh hey there, it’s me. When you take tutoring from anyone on anything, you should always know first what that person has to offer. What are they renowned for? Do they get results? So, to answer the question of why me, from an imaging perspective, I…

  • believe sharing knowledge is VITAL for personal growth
  • have achieved over 200 international image recognitions in competition
  • am probably Photographer of the Year for something, somewhere, right now (16 titles and counting)
  • have achieved three Fellowships in recent years, including the BIPP and the Societies
  • have a range of incredible brand partners from Tenba to Digitalab and can share deals, discounts, expertise and goodies with members

And from a business perspective, I…

  • am a fully qualified CIM Strategic Marketer
  • am a working, trained marketing director & graphic designer
  • run 2 x successful, 6-figure businesses
  • have guided hundreds to business success from tiny side hustles to multi-national corporations
  • am apparently an “influencer” with a freaking awesome community of legends, and if that isn’t enough then I don’t know what is

*Also, I have a dry sense of humour that sometimes verges into the painfully sarcastic. Welcome and hi!”

That’s me with Alfie and Bryt ↑

What’s it all about?

Let’s start with what MTog life isn’t:


It's not structured (in a process)

New resources are added every month into organised little sections, but they don’t go into a “beginner”, “intermediate”, “advanced” step-by-step list. They’re open to everyone, anytime, anywhere. If you would like a structured step-by-step learning environment, the online courses are definitely where you need to be. 

The membership isn’t an online course, nor does it include online courses (except for SC4S, that’s inside for free!). MTog life was created to give “more” than courses, and more than YouTube. It’s a gigantic mixing pot of extra bits that go together to upskill you on an ongoing basis.


It's not thin on resources

The volume and breadth of resources might be overwhelming to start with, but think of it like a go-to sources of all things photography (and business, for that matter), which can be dipped into whenever you’d like. Studio, outdoor, natural, fine-art, shooting, editing, simple, complex – it’s all inside.


It's not for bad eggs

If there’s one thing that the MTog Vault doesn’t have that every other community does, it’s bad eggs. All our MTog’s are good, genuine people from all over the world and we whip out negative nelly’s and those with poor intentions before they have a chance to do any damage to our sanctuary. 

Members will often say that they came first for the resources, but they stay long term for the community. The more you get involved, the more you’ll see just how wonderful this group of humans really is. Make sure you contribute to the Member Critique Centre and dip into the off-topic chat if you have a penchant for dark humour and tomfoolery, it’s hilarious and shocking in equal measure! 

If all this sounds right up your street, continue onwards to find out what MTog life actually is:

This is what the Vault looks like when you go through the front door ↑

Being MTog is like having extended family, with each person totally having your back. A total safe space, and a place to speak openly and ask questions without anyone ever thinking your question is stupid or silly. Jess and Dan are our biggest cheerleaders and whatever pace or level you work at they’ve got your back not matter what. If you’re thinking of joining, just do it, you won’t regret it!

– Tanya

The real question is:

How do you want to grow?

What’s inside:

There’s a boatload of stuff, but here are some highlights. Check out the section below for granular detail on what goes where.

£886 per month is the average value of a Premium Membership, for reference.

Yep, TogTalk is a legit magazine ↑


All Plans

Imaging & Premium Only

The Community

The members all have access to the Vault, and inside, everyone mixes, mingles, and helps each other through critique and Q&A.

£300 value

The Full Edit Workflows

A constantly expanding pot of goodness, the 40+ Full Edit Tutorials inside the Editing space. 

£6000 value

The Resources

Every month, Jess & Dan release at least one long-form resource into both the Imaging and Business areas to sink your teeth into.

£1800 value

Goal Setting

Accountability checks alongside goal-setting clinics and have helped MTog’s achieve goals that they never thought possible.

£360 value

Self Critique for Success

SC4S is the one and only automatically included online course with every Imaging & Premium Membership.

£125 value

Monthly Q&As

Imagine asking Jess any question you’d like, every single month on Zoom? Business & imaging Q&As come in here!

£1200 value

TogTalk Magazine

A firm favourite, every MTog can get a complimentary copy of TogTalk Magazine, shipped straight to their door.

£110 value

Actions & Presets

Some frequent workflow steps are simplified into actions that can be downloaded for MTog personal use here.

£300 value

Bonus Resources

From guest trainer talks to industry insider info, additional tips to Deep Critique pull-outs, the bonus’s happen most months.

£400 value

Partner Specials

All plans include enhanced access to our brand partners, with special discounts, offers, giveaways and content where relevant.

£infinite value

Lifetime Course Access¹

All plans include the option to remove the time restriction on any enrolled online course, linking it to your membership.

£infinite value

10% Off Everything²

All plans include a custom-generated coupon code for you to use on anything available from That Tog Spot.

£infinite value

The Plans:

The three plan options contain different resources. Check them out here then scroll down for the shared resources.

The Premium Membership [both + 20% off]

The Premium Membership Plan exists for those who want or need everything and combines business with photography and retouching resources. Whilst saving over 20% on the individual plans, you’ll get this enormous list of benefits as well as the shared resources:

  • All of the shared MTog benefits in the section underneath this one
  • Access to the Imaging-Only MTog Community
  • Access to the Business-Only MTog Community
  • 1 live imaging-only Q&A per month via Zoom
  • 1 live business-only Q&A per month via Zoom
  • 1 long-form imaging-only resource per month
  • 1 long-form business-only resource per month
  • Additional bonus business resources for growth
  • Additional bonus imaging resources for growth
  • 1 live edit via Zoom per quarter
  • Live photoshoots streamed to the Vault
  • Access to over 30 full edit workflows
  • Enrolment on the Self Critique for Success course
  • Photoshop Actions & Lightroom Presets
  • Awards & competition success space
  • Opportunity to add-on Deep Critiques*
  • Access to scaling certifications

All content is delivered in English and is held inside the MTog Vault. Full Edits are released in sections over the first 3 months of your Membership to hopefully prevent you from being too overwhelmed!

The Imaging-only Membership

The Imaging-only Plan exists for those who just want photography and retouching resources. Perfect for non-professionals, enthusiasts or awards-focussed photographers, this membership plan includes the following resources:

  • All of the shared MTog benefits in the section underneath this one
  • Access to the Imaging-Only MTog Community
  • 1 live imaging-only Q&A per month via Zoom
  • 1 long-form imaging-only resource per month
  • 1 live edit via Zoom per quarter
  • Access to over 30 full edit workflows
  • Live photoshoots streamed to the Vault
  • Auto-enrolment on the Self Critique for Success course [accessed inside the Vault]
  • Photoshop Actions & Lightroom Presets
  • Awards & competition success space
  • Opportunity to add-on Deep Critiques*
  • Access to scaling certifications
  • Additional bonus resources for growth

All content is delivered in English and is held inside the MTog Vault. Full Edits are released in sections over the first 3 months of your Membership to hopefully prevent you from being too overwhelmed!

The Business-only Membership

The Business-only Plan is brand new and exists to give those who just want business resources. Primarily for those who have enrolled on or more of the units inside Business Bootcamp, the online mega course, this membership plan includes the following resources:

  • All of the shared MTog benefits in the section underneath this one
  • Access to the Business-Only MTog Community
  • 1 live business-only Q&A per month with Jess via Zoom
  • 1 long-form business-only resource per month
  • Additional bonus resources for growth

All content is delivered in English and is held inside the MTog Vault.

Are you a Trainer?

This section is new, and strictly enforced:

Trainers, Influencers & Coaches

Unfortunately, due to repetitive, frustrating and demoralising situations occurring regularly over the past two years, we’ve had to make the decision to refuse entry of any individual who offers, or plans to offer, photography, editing or business training to other photographers.

That being said, we regularly help, work and partner with other trainers on their businesses and educational resources. We’d love for you to share a proposal for us to consider of how you think you can help our Members. If you’re interested, email [email protected] with your ideas & we’ll see if we’re a good match!

There are exceptions to our new no-trainer rule that we’re happy to make, but only if we’re contacted before membership registration to approve the sign-up.

If you’re not 100% sure you won’t accidentally, or intentionally, re-teach or share something we’ve released, do not access the Vault.

All our content, techniques, resources, plan structures, included elements and pricing are protected. As a hard line, any plagiarism, content skimming or intellectual property theft will be pursued legally and details of the breach will be shared with the industry.

It’s a shame it’s come to this, but we know we’re not the only educators to have had to implement this protocol. Please be a good human and by all means take inspiration from others, but do not degrade their years of work by stealing their content and remarketing it as your own.

The Choice:

Simply select your plan and enrol today! Access is immediate and all you need to do is follow the welcome checklist to get stuck in.




Most popular


£37.00 £29.10





¹Lifetime Course Access is a manual alteration on course expiration and needs to be requested in a simple email to us. Team Tog Spot will then go into your course access and align the expiration dates to your subscription plan. Once enabled, your course access is directly tied to the lifetime of your membership and any previous expiration dates will be completely ignored – simple!

²The sitewide discount is automatically generated and sent to all MTog’s in month 2 of their membership. It can be used on any resource purchased on this website and can often be stacked on top of other offers and promotions.

*The Deep Critique add-on is only available to active Imaging or Premium MTogs and has a limited capacity. Around 10 spaces become available every 6-months on average. It is currently at capacity.

What they say:

P.S, you can scroll these, so scroll away!

MTog 2.0:

These reviews came from the MTog experience after June 2023.

I highly recommend being part of the MTog community, the amount I have learnt and the support given is massive. Jess has such a great way of teaching that makes everything so easy to understand and she doesn’t hold back on imformation (which other trainers seem to do), you get the full detail here. I first watched Jess’s YouTube chanel and then brought the Outdoor Canine Portrait Course, which was great and changed my work no end. But then I dragged my heels becoming a member of the community and that is my only regret, that I didn’t join sooner, I’d been thinking about it since Jess first set it up but didn’t commit which was silly because if I had of joined sooner I think my photography and business would be much further ahead than they are now. So don’t delay like I did and join asap, you won’t regret it! – Sarah

Jess has already made a ton of videos freely available on YouTube, which is where I first discovered her. These are great, and have a distinctive style which appeals to many people. This drew me to explore subscription membership of her MTog website community to see what that had to offer.

The answer is “a lot”. The sheer volume of training material that Jess (with husband Dan) produces, and the very professional production values that are used with them, is nothing short of astonishing. I genuinely do NOT know where she finds the time. The training videos linked to the subscription are much more thorough and detailed than the YouTube equivalents.

All aspects of running a photography business are covered, from goal-setting and marketing, through location shooting, studio lighting, to advanced editing, all with illustrative videos that are amazingly thorough and comprehensive in their detail. The archive of previous material is second to none. Periodically there are live editing sessions, live Q&A sessions, and live goal-setting sessions which follow-up on progress of previous meetings throughout the year.

In addition to that, you join a real community of photographers from all over the world who are all invested in Jess’s principles and work ethic, and this creates a very positive and self-supporting environment in which to learn.

Unlike many other trainers, Jess is very approachable on an ad-hoc basis, and whilst her busy schedule means you can’t always grab her attention immediately she will, and does, make time for individual feedback and questions whenever she is able.

Do I feel that Premium membership of MTog 2.0 is worthwhile? Absolutely. – Philip

I have been extremely impressed with not only Jessica’s skills but also her dedication to sharing her knowledge. She treats everyone with respect shows great interest in helping and supporting each of her MTOG members. I feel very lucky to have found her. – Wendy

MTog has been wonderful in its friendly community, its quality education, and accessibility to questions, guidance, and feedback. I would highly recommend MTog to any photographer striving to perfect their work and do so within an accepting community of highly talented, creative, and constructive photographers.  – Sarah

I wanted to apply for membership when the vault first came out, but i didn’t know where my photographic path was taking me yet. I’m glad now to join the community. The Vault is easy to use and a lot of fun. – Benny

Definitely worth it! – Jennifer

I have written and re-written this review at least a dozen time. It always turns into a novel. There is just SO much inside the vault to talk about. IO’m going to try to summarize…

Imaging – unlimited resources – everything from shooting, editing, lighting and props to how Jess trains her own dogs to be models…and always animal welfare.

Business – again unlimited resources to help you grow your business

Both have monthly Live Q&A sessions. You can ask Jess anything. They are recorded so if you miss one no problem watch it at your leasure. Have a question but can’t make the session? No prob email the question and she’ll answer it for the recording .

Live Goal Setting –  was born of a Q&A session. Someone brought it up and jess produced the resource along with weekly goal updates to help you stay on track.

TheTog Talk magazine…which to be fair is more like a book. You get access to the digital copy but can choose the hard copy at no extra charge….which is crazy when you consider not only printing but also postage around the world.

Free access to special courses just because you’re an MTog.

The off topic chat is one of the most robust parts of the vault.  Here members from literally around the world banter back and forth all day every day. I can’t even begin to explain the topics of conversation. It is truly the safest place on the internet, no one judges and everyone is so supportive.

BUT the best part of the vault is Jessica McGovern and her husband Dan. More authentic and whole hearted people you will not meet. In the vault you dont get auto generated material or content, everything is done personally. There isnt a back office of 20 people creating content and having Jess recite it, Its all them!

I can’t summarize it any more except to say “the vault is like nothing else you will find on the internet. Come join, there’s a family waiting” – Shirley

So in love with the Premium+ membership ! I have learnt loads, from retouching to business to canine communication and handling people, everything in here is useful, relatable and extremely enjoyable ! I would recommend this membership to anyone wanting to improve their photography skills all while being part of a very welcoming family, mentored by Jess, our own personal leader that does a wonderful job at advising and guiding others, wherever you may be at your photography journey. – Elisa 

Being an MTOG premium member helps me grow so much more as a dog photographer. Being an MTOG member, means that I keep on getting guidance and education time and again. So my learning process keeps getting kicked in the butt. This is information I haven’t heard before in all the workshops I have attended. I mean seriously, in the Vault you can find anything you need as a dog photographer. I only wish I had heard of this learning platform sooner! – Sandra 

You will find the best place to learn about pet photography here, the best content, exceptional videos of all kinds. I just love it. – Leticia

I have learned so much since I joined this community. Looking back to my photos from before, I can see such a difference, and I am so thankful for Jess and the team for doing everything they’re doing for us! – Vera 

If anybody is interested in self progression and awareness then the MTOG platform and Self Critique for Success course is invaluable. It is a warm, friendly, fun way to find out where you are currently in your journey, but more importantly the help, advice and support will direct you to where you want to be. The course as well as the plethora of instructoul videos are delivered in an enthusiastic manner, with a simple but perfected way to follow very easily. The whole experience thrives in positivity. – Martin

Fantastic place to be, the learning, the people and support. Really well laid out, frustration free membership and tons of support if needed. If you want to progress quickly in your photography join, you’ll not regret it. – Denise

A super supportive and friendly community! Jess is a fantastic teacher who always takes into consideration what is best for all MTogs! The vault is user-friendly and contains the best content to help you with your photography journey. I wouldn’t have made the progress I have without becoming an MTog and I couldn’t recommend more! – Anna

All the information you could ever want is inside the MTOG Vault! Whether it’s business-related or imaging related, it’s inside. It’s also a great community and everyone is willing to help. – Lucy

Amazing how much I learned here! Jess can explain everything very well and the courses are fantastic. Really nothing negative I can say about it. I would never have come as far without this amazing community. – Renate Zuidema

If you’re new to pet photography or have been doing it for some time this space and community is a must to help reach your goals whether just taking amazing pictures of your dog or winning international photography competition. I can’t recommend it enough! – Lynn

One of the best “purchases” I’ve ever made. This is such a wonderful, supportive community. (except Dan. He’s kind of grumpy. J/k Dan, you’re the best.) Seriously, there is no negativity. Just care and support FROM EVERYONE. And Jess. Wow! What can I even say about her? Amazing? Nope, not strong enough. Spectacular? Nope. Super Woman! Yep, she’s a super hero. She gives of herself constantly to improve the MTog life. This is something you will NOT regret. – Alisha 

Jessica the vault is absolutely brilliant!! Wow! I am so excited to start navigating through all of it! So easy, intuitive and responsive! What a great job you and your team have done on this site!! I’m really excited about the app as well. It’s so nice to be able to easily find and access all these amazing resources. Well done and THANK YOU. – Tricia 

Was stressing a little bit about the switch over of my account but it was seemless and simple! Clear and concise steps to follow and blazingly fast. Once in, the site is brilliantly original. Great job team tog!!! By far the best site on the net. – Shirley 

I don’t have time to go get a cup of tea while the page loads anymore! 😂 Seriously, the new site is truly awesome! You and the team made it so easy to transition over. Thank you Team Tog for all your hard work!!! I also love learning more about my fellow MTogs through the introductions. 💕 – Jo 

Being part of the MTog Community it is very comforting. Apart from all the great resources available, each and every member make you feel home, in a safe place. The Vault has make it even greater: everything has its place, well organized, fast to access to any resource, and easy to connect with other members. Unlimited knowledge with the best people! Thanks TeamTog, thanks Jess! – MTog Member

Everything is well thought out out and extremely helpful. I’m so excited to embark on this journey with like minded people. Thank you Jess for all that you do 🙌 – Linda

Being Mtog is like having extended family, with each person totally having your back. A total safe space, and a place to speak openly and ask questions without anyone ever thinking your question is stupid or silly. Jess and Dan are our biggest cheerleaders and whatever pace or level you work at they’ve got your back not matter what. If you’re thinking of joining, just do it, you won’t regret it! – Tanya

So far it’s been mostly easy to find my way around. I am in the wrong time zone and missed the first vault zoom tour, but just found a recorded version which was very helpful! I’m diligently looking through all the information laid out and so far all my questions have been answered. I haven’t spent enough time to really feel like I can offer a review at this point-but did want to say this is a fantastic resource and I would not hesitate to recommend this platform/course/membership to a friend if asked for my input. cheers! – Lisa

The Vault is great ! I love its speediness, the fact that everything is divided by topic so according to what you want to learn, you have clear sections to go to. Plus new content is released regularly, whether it’d be Q&A, videos, Deep Critiques, online courses. – Elisa

MTog 1.0:

These reviews came from the MTog experience before June 2023.

14 reviews for Premium Membership

  1. Jo Roach (verified owner)

    I am so thankful for Jess and the membership! I have had other photography memberships and this one is the best by far in the amount and quality of information that is provided. Jess does a great job of making the instruction easy to understand. She is very much involved in the membership group and she has created a very welcoming and supportive community. The Mtog support team is fantastic. You can tell that Jess really cares about helping her students to learn and excel. Jess has a great way of explaining how to make improvements to an image while building confidence in her students. I have learned so much and I am excited to learn more!

  2. Gemma Burden (verified owner)

    I am so pleased that I became a premium member, I have learnt so much and my photography has progressed massively. Jess is a fantastic teacher, and the whole community are so friendly and helpful. Premium members have access to so many resources, it really is worth every penny.

  3. Nathalie Lagacé (verified owner)

    Vous aimez la chaîne YouTube? Vous avez dévoré tous les vidéos? Vous allez adorez MTOG. Les nombreux tutoriels/webinars sont diversifiés, dynamiques et inspirants, le Q&A, la critique constructive d’image, le magazine, la retouche de photo live ( et bien plus), je ne peux plus m’en passer!

    Être membre m’a permis de renouer avec ma passion pour la photo, milieu que j’avais quitté et mis de coté avec l’arrivé du numérique. Avec les encouragements de Jess, je peux maintenant dire que je m’amuse dans photoshop, qui l’eu cru!! L’approche de Jess ( et son équipe) est personnalisée, le contenu de qualité, les conseils honnêtes: elle vous partage ses connaissances et son expérience, que vous soyez un photographe enthousiaste ou un pro, Chacun apprend à son rythme, selon ses intérêts , besoins et objectifs mais en s’amusant, yeah!

    Jess est un excellent professeur, humble, attentionnée , patiente et avec un super sens de l’humour. Elle souhaite notre succès et ne ménage pas ses efforts afin de nous permettre d’y arriver! Elle s’assure que tous que tous les membres se sente en confiance dans le groupe .

    N.B.: J’aimerais ajouter, que si parler en anglais vous terrifie, ce n’est pas un problème ici. Vous pouvez communiquer facilement et simplement par écrit ( pas besoin d’un diplôme en langue anglaise)!

  4. Krisztián Csalami (verified owner)

    As members we have access to a lot of resources like photography and editing materials, we can get valuable feedback on our photos as part of the Deep Critique sessions, we can ask questions on the Q&A sessions, and we are also part of the active VIP Facebook Community.

  5. shirley cove (verified owner)

    hands down the best resource on the net. Jess is an amazing instructor, her knowledge goes far beyond photography and editing. She has created a safe place, a community of incredible people all willing to help. The MTOG VIP Facebook group is literally like sitting down with friends to chat about your work and what you can improve on. Everyone wants you to succeed.

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your content goes here. Edit or remove this text inline or in the module Content settings. You can also style every aspect of this content in the module Design settings and even apply custom CSS to this text in the module Advanced settings.

What is MTog 2.0?

MTog 2.0 is the revised Membership in a new home with a whole host of changes. Previously, MTog’s joined on 1 of 2 plans, Premium or Premium+. They used this website to access the Resource Archive and two Facebook groups and Facebook chats to connect to the community.

Unfortunately, this website wasn’t built to handle hundreds of daily active members with different access restrictions, and Facebook got increasingly unreliable with notifications. There are a host of other reasons too, but essentially in July 2022 we made the decision to run a phased website redevelopment project culminating in Phase 4, the MTog move, in May 2023.

MTog 2.0 sees a closedown of our Facebook areas, a brand new platform to access all of the resources, with community centres built in alongside the content and some brand new benefits.

Put simply, MTog 2.0 is the Vault and everything that comes along with our new home.

I teach photography, can I join?

To protect our resources after previous incidents, anyone who currently teaches photographers, or plans to, cannot become an MTog. Active MTogs who commence tuition must terminate their membership and ensure the wider terms and conditions surrounding workflows and content copyright are not breached.

How do I use the MTog Vault?

Like any new thing, it can take a second a learn where things live. However, the welcome steps start you off on the right track and there is a Help & More section with detailed tutorials for all Vault how-to’s including two different Vault Tours.

As long as you follow the welcome steps and check out those help videos, you shouldn’t have any problem getting started. We’d recommend setting aside 1 hour to find your feet. After that, you’ll be a pro!

How long do I get access for?

Membership access rolls monthly in nearly all cases, so the second you join the community, your access begins. Everything you need will be inside the MTog Vault, linked from the header of this website. You get access from this point onwards unless you decide to leave us, in which case your access will stop.

It’s that simple – you have access for as long as you want it!

How is the educational content delivered?

Yep, you guessed it, video. Monthly resources are all recorded and uploaded to the MTog Vault. Additional educational content is also available here. 

All resources are delivered in English and we ask that all MTog’s communicate in English inside the Vault.

You will need to be logged in with an active membership to access the MTog Vault though – access it fully automated so if your payment fails you will lose access immediately.

Can I access past content?

Yes. Resources are available for at least 12 months in most cases but if the content is something particularly timeless, vital or otherwise, the content will remain indefinitely. Some events and resources are live-only. These are often sensitive or private in nature and therefore they are only available for short timeframe.

For Imaging/Premium plans, past Full-Edit workflows are on a timed release so after being in the community for 3 months, you’ll have access to all past Full Edit recordings.

If you’re really stuck on something, just let us know and we’ll probably have a recording of that to hand that we can share with you 🙂

A magazine? What!?

Well, sometimes things are better if they’re in print. In the magazine, we prepare info-packed educational resources, interviews, news and behind-the-scenes bits into one volume every 3 months. These volumes are printed twice per year and will be posted to you, wherever you live in the world, and you don’t need to pay a penny extra for it.

To get the print volumes, you do need to opt-in and share your shipping details from inside the Vault, but after that, we’ll take it from there!

As with all of our posted bits, please recycle the packaging and the item when you are confident you no longer need it.

Magazines are shipped out on standard economy shipping, please visit the book FAQs for more information on estimated shipping times.

What is a certification?

The certifications are benchmarks for standards within the community and they follow the tried and tested industry-wide process that every photography organisation has in place. They consist of a panel of images and a supporting photographer’s profile submitted at one of three levels, BTog, STog and GTog.

Do I get direct access to Jess though?

Yep. The monthly Q&A’s are unrestricted time to jump in and ask questions. You can also submit questions in advance with supporting files if needed.

Jess is also active daily in the Vault along with Team Tog so you can touch base as and when you’d like to.

What are the in-depth critique things?

You may know of the monthly challenge over on YouTube which contained a short, brief critique of some of the entries. This is kind of like that, only more in-depth, focussed and directed to you as an individual in your stage of your own journey.

For example, you can opt to enter an image and receive feedback on it at one of the three certification levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. If you request Gold, for example, your image will be critiqued very firmly and strictly in line with both technical and competition points, in your own style of work.

In this way, members get the best critique possible for their work at the level they are working at or towards, and nothing else.

Deep Critiques are only available as an add-on to Premium or Imaging memberships and are limited in number. Spaces to take the add-on come up around once every 6 months.

Can I switch plans?

Upgrading and downgrading affect the member benefits in some cases so only switch if you need to switch or you are certain you want to.

An MTog can downgrade their membership by cancelling their existing plan and re-registering for a different plan after their access period ends.

An MTog can upgrade their membership level [to a maximum of Premium] by cancelling their existing plan and re-registering for a different plan after their access period ends.

In situations where an MTog cancels their existing plan, they must have no access to the Vault (their account should be completely deactivated) before re-registering for the new plan, otherwise the system will not allow the re-subscription. If you use the same login to sign up, all our historic records of you will remain in-tact.

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