Looking for a rundown on how to remove things in Photoshop? I hear you!

Everyone needs to remove something from a photo at some point in their life – I feel like this is a fact but honestly, who knows. Thankfully, Photoshop has armed us with 3005757372 tools to do this (potentially an exaggeration). Really, you only need 5 and so in this video, we’re going to go through 5 different ways to remove things in photoshop:

I was going to write up the step by step for each of these removals as we have with other Photoshop tutorials but I think this blog post would end up being absolutely gigantic and so I’m hoping the video above covers off all of the points that need to be explained.

One thing that isn’t covered that may be needed, however, is how to remove things that pass through or behind the line of the subject. Never fear, this has already been covered in its own post and tutorial, that you can find here.

To add a little extra to the tutorial above, my top tips for removing things in photoshop would probably be:

  • If one tool isn’t working great for a particular removal, try another!
  • When using the spot healing brush tool, use short lines rather than dots
  • When using the clone stamp tool, assess if the healing brush tool might be a better fit
  • Don’t use the healing brush tool close to the edges of an image
  • It’s totally ok to use the lasso, marquees, or pen tools to select elements in an image for removal
  • You can use the alt/option keys with the lassos to remove things from existing selections
  • It’s fine to use the spot healing brush tool and then the healing brush tool for leashes or halters or collars
  • If it’s just not working for you, leave it for today and come back with fresh eyes tomorrow!

The before and after from the 5 ways to remove things video can be seen here:

how to remove things in photoshop

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