A member of our Facebook group had an image she liked but there was a lead extending over the dog and across out of the shot. She asked if we could show her how to remove a lead in Photoshop for a complex image like this. As with most things, there’s more than one way to do it, but I documented every step and all of my thoughts as I completed the task at hand.

The result of removing the lead in Photoshop can be seen below:

I’m not going to document the method in writing because it’ll be super hard to track, so the best thing I can do is to share the link to the YouTube video detailing how to remove a lead in photoshop for this complex image. We go from start to finish step by step.

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Video showing how to do this:

Tips to help with something like this:

  • Take your time!
  • Break the leash down into sections based on the background in that area
  • Look for lines or detail areas that need to be continued
  • Look for things that grab your attention (and not in a good way) – sort those out!
  • Try different tools and if it’s not working, try something else
  • Don’t forget to check if you’re changing the structure of the dog itself – that is a problem!
  • Again, take your time!

If you apply those principles above, you’ll soon get pretty good at removing things like this. However, as i mention in the video, you could avoid having to do something as complex as this lead removal in Photoshop by simply holding the leash at a different angle. Those angles are:

  • A 45 degree angle diagonally out of the frame
  • A straight angle up out of the frame
  • A horizontal angle to the opposite of the frame to the body of the dog

If you get stuck, ask for help! We’ve all been there and you are not alone 🙂