Something weird happened yesterday. The video of the Forest behind the scenes went out on YouTube at around 12 noon and had awesome feedback (thank you all) and I thought, “Ok, that’s my day done”.

But no.

Early in June, I submitted 3 photos from that very same forest shoot into the MPAs monthly portrait category for critique. I just was not happy with the edit on this log photo of Alf and after asking some other photographers and drawing a blank, I figured why not get critique from someone who really, really knows their stuff when it comes to critiquing shots.

So the video of the shoot went out and that was great, but what I didn’t know is that another video was out too – the critique and awards video with the photos in it from that exact same shoot! 

I entered an early edit of the log shot into this. The critique was absolutely awesome – I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone be so gushingly complimentary about a shot, but it’s safe to say it was appreciated. 

I continued to watch the critiques of the other images, then the Highly Commended selection, which we were mentioned in. Awesome I thought! I waited to watch the Silver award and then the Gold… 

And it was me! (Well, Alfie, it was Alfie) – I’m still not 100% happy with it, but I’m really glad they were.

So, yeah, Alfredo on the log bagged us Portrait Photographer of the Month! That was fun!