This month was so hard – there were 97 entries to choose from! My final longlist was almost impossible to choose from and so just like before, I had to revert to technical assessments, composition and being very very tough on the “warmth” side of the challenge. I needed to feel all warm and gooey looking at these shots and a lot were quite cool with some white balance issues mixed in.

The video of the breakdown this month can be found here, which also includes info and judging points to note for the November challenge (also detailed below): https://youtu.be/MlQVvtxXIBU

The Short Short Shortlist consisted of these 14 stunning photographs with beautiful feelings of warmth. They each covered a different style and had good space around the subject. The focus was perfect, the exposure was solid and the tones were bang on:

There can only be one winner but to get there, there were 3 solid shots that were incredibly hard to decide between, the final shortlist therefore was:

And the winner, well, that would be this one:

But what is Novembers challenge? Well, November’s challenge is:


For this challenge, you’ll have access to four SOOC RAW files in Tiff format of Pippi the red collie (seen below). You can edit one or all of these images. Then, you’ll need to select just TWO to enter into the contest which has quite specific entry instructions…

To access the files and read the entry steps, check out this Google Drive folder here: https://geni.us/GfRC

Good luck!