It’s November which means that it’s challenge review time! Let’s go allocate those Pins (if you’re lost, check this page here). The October challenge was the white challenge. I asked you to shoot and submit one image that shows a subject that is white. A tough one, but one that I think is super interesting for testing technical skill. For this challenge you had to photograph something white – no, golden things or light coloured won’t count – it must be white.

The video for this month’s review is here, and it looks like we turned the light down low – we did and it was dark. An evening with Jess ensues:


Anyone with an image in either the shortlist or the short-shortlist or just the entries, in general, should be very, very proud! My shortlist looked like this:

That being said, there can only be one winner. Therefore, the winners of the pins this month are:

(If you don’t know what Pins are, please check out the section on pins here.)

But what is the November challenge?

There is no November Challenge.

After 2 and half years of running these challenges every single month, a lot has changed – both here and also in the wider world. We’re taking a challenge break for now, so I hope that you’ll also take this time to enjoy moments with your family, friends and animals too.

If you need a topic to shoot to, shoot to that. Shoot because you enjoy it, shoot because you want to develop and shoot to capture moments and connections happening around you.