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CHALLENGE REVIEW TIME! It’s time to go through the last month’s Challenge entries, allocate those Pins (if you’re lost, check this page here), and announce the next month’s challenge!

The March challenge was The last year. I asked you to submit your favourite image from the last year, with the challenge pointers in mind, and wow – you certainly delivered. This was by far the hardest challenge I’ve ever had to judge and the easiest way to run through the madness that unused is to watch:


As usual, it takes more than one shortlist to whittle down and in this case there weren’t really any set shortlists, it was just a painful watch of me stripping them out image by image to get down to the final few. There was so much variety in the images that I ended up keeping in images where I couldn’t nit-pick anything – that’s not normal!

There can only be one winner (a rule I am really ok with breaking after this month!), so the winners of the pins this month are: (If you don’t know what Pins are, please check out the section on pins here.)


But what is April’s challenge? Well, this months challenge is:

The “Portrait” Challenge.

The aim of this months challenge is to submit the image that is in portrait orientation (vertical) and not landscape (horizontal). It can be indoor or outdoor, with any subject, but it should be an image that you have created in the last 12 months or so.

The subject does not have to be a dog – I repeat, the subject can be anything at all.

I’m really hoping that we see lots and lots of entries from everyone!

How to enter:

  • Stricly ONE entry per person.
  • Shoot or select an image shot within the last 12 months.
  • Post your piece to Instagram and tag @thattogspot in the image.
  • In the description/caption, use the hashtag #ThatTogSpotChallenge
  • (optional) Share the post to your story (bonus points for adding a before and after) and tag @thattogspot and #ThatTogSpotChallenge in the story
  • Entries close at midnight (UK time) on the last day of April


The image will be judged on all the normal things (composition, clipped highlights or shadows, focus, exposure, editing quality (not quantity!) and white balance) in line with Print comps. As always, no purchased assets are allowed – these include overlays, composite elements and brushes. The judging will take place at the start of April and the judges decision is final.  

Good luck!