You made this next to impossible. Let me just start there. The transformation in some of you guys has been MEGA and I struggled to get it down to my shortlist (longlist really, if we’re being honest). I thought at that point it would be good to work through a few and show you guys some pointers with the remaining images, before trying again to narrow it down. I got to 4, then needed help. The final call was impossible so I went with my gut and the winner is the image above!

The video of the breakdown can be found here:

The Short Shortlist consisted of these 4 stunning photographs with beautiful use of foreground interest to frame and lead into the shot. The focus was perfect, the exposure, solid and the tones were bang on:

The initial longlist can be seen below. If your image is in there then you already did an amazing job!

But what is Augusts challenge? Augusts challenge is:


I’m looking for creamy background, shallow depth of field and as much separation from the background as possible. Remember, all your other things need to be solid too!

To enter, tag @thatdogspotphoto in your photo when you post it to Instagram (also follow us, that would be helpful!) and add the hashtag #TDSchallenge to the post description.

Can’t wait to do all this again… (kind of sarcastic, also kind of true – this was SO hard but so amazing to see the photographs coming through!)