It’s been 3 years of that weekly commitment to give knowledge for free on YouTube. It’s hard to fathom that in those three years, you guys collectively have spent over 17 years worth of time watching those 255 videos. Now we’re here 1.9 million views later, there’s a lot you’ve seen.

From the absolute basics to some complex bits, we’ve covered a huge volume of questions from so many of you. And to celebrate this anniversary, and the start of a period of massive change for us here as a team, we asked the Premium Members if they had any questions they’d been burning to ask, anything they wanted to know, and they definitely delivered. 

I know this video won’t be something everyone wants to watch, but it might help to fill in some blanks and give you a fuller view of why I make the decisions I do.

For me when I’m feeling a bit burnt out, I tend to go and watch the Bryt Diaries series from start to finish to get some puppy greatness oozing through the screen. In fact, I did that late last night and made me smile so many times I lost count.

You have seen my breakdowns, my successes, my pain and my joy. You’ve seen inside my marriage, my home and my heart.

You’ve seen a lot, but there’s way more that you’ve not seen. Just like any person, life changes. Can any of you honestly say that your days are exactly the same as they were in the first months of the covid lockdowns? Or even just the exact same as they were three years ago? 

This year, I’m travelling more than ever, around the world to teach so many of you in person at workshops, some of these are noted on the Events diary here. I have a very exciting new venture as part of an incredible collaboration coming really soon that will help even more people improve their daily lives, including hopefully some of you. The team continues to grow working across both That Tog Spot and our pre-existing business and we’ll be at 5 full-time employees shortly.

That in itself is a big thing. 2 years ago there was just me and a load of epic freelancers. Now I have to ensure every decision I make is sustainable, logical and practical because people rely on me to support their families.

If there’s one major thing I’ve learnt in the last 3 years, it’s this:

Always be generous, always be kind, always have an open mind, but protect yourself too.

I’ll see you soon for a five-minute Friday or a RoastyToasty, or maybe something totally different – I guess we’ll find out together 🙏

(after the question about tree-hugging, we might break down that trick for a Bryt Diary instalment – sound good?)