Finding your photographic style is an enormous topic, but you asked me for help with it time and time again so I had to cover it. Honestly, it’s a minefield and styles are fluid, sort of like a spectrum, they blur into each other so it can be hard to pin them down.

To answer your question as best as I possibly could, I asked for help. The help came in, mainly in the form of 3 amazing photographers from here in the UK, all with very consistent, solid styles. Those photographers were:

With the photographers ready to help us, I set up a day of interviews which they graciously agreed to and 4 hours later I had a lot of content to edit into something that you guys would find useful.

And here it is:

What’s included in this 40+ minute deep dive into style:

  • Meet the photographers and hear them answer a variety of questions like:
    • If you had to describe your current photographic style in just a few words, what would say?
    • When did you first really realise that this was your style?
    • How did you find your style?
    • If a photographer was struggling to find their own style, what would suggest they do?
    • Do you think someone’s style is set? / Do you think someone can ever “change their style”?
    • Why is a consistent style important if your run photography as a business?
  • And more!

Essentially you guys act as almost a fly on the wall in what was a set of very candid and honest conversations. You’ll probably notice that my own work is nothing like these photographers – our styles are very different. That was one of the reasons I chose them because we are all doing the same thing (creating beautiful images) just in different ways, and that’s ok!

You know I’ll never try to force your style, it is very much you and not me, so I hope this interview gives you lots of inspiration to go out and get shooting! It certainly did for me ☺️

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