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This month was so hard – I say this every time, I know! The aim was to edit and submit up to two photo’s of Pippi from the RAW files supplied. Apart from no overlays/purchased assets, there weren’t really any rules and the entries were SO varied. The main issue in the judging was to do with the colours of Pippi – she was either too pink, green or orange, unfortunately! Anyway, let’s go through this:

The video of the breakdown this month can be found here, which also includes info and judging points to note for the December challenge (also detailed below):

There were 87 entries this month and wow, the variety and quality were insane! Here’s the initial entry set:

The Short Shortlist consisted of these 18 stunning edits covering a wide variety of styles from minimal to extensive editing:

There can only be one winner but to get there, there were 6 solid edits that were incredibly hard to decide between, they all had different strengths and weaknesses – the final short short shortlist therefore was:

And the winner, well, that would be this one:

Congrats Lisa!

But what is Decembers challenge? Well, December’s challenge is:

The RAW Challenge.

Firstly, the prize is back! I’m going to do a £50 Amazon Gift Card again because I think it’s the right thing to do for a pretty scary challenge – last time this was won by Lorenzo.

The aim of this months challenge is to shoot well. It can be either in the studio or out on location. You must choose only one file to enter into the contest and you must send the RAW file as a RAW file. If you submit more than one file, your entries will be disqualified (it’s to do with server space this time!). You cannot change an entry after you’ve submitted it, so make sure you are happy before you submit!

How to enter:

  • Stricly ONE entry per person.
  • Shoot or select a RAW file shot RECENTLY.
  • Using the form below, submit your RAW file into the contest. Technically, that’s it, but it would be cool to also:
  • Post your edited version to Instagram and tag @thatdogspotphoto in the image.
  • In the description/caption, use the hashtag #TDSphotochallenge
  • (optional) Share the post to your story (bonus points for adding a before and after) and tag @thatdogspotphoto and #TDSphotochallenge in the story!
  • Entries close at midnight (UK time) on the last day of December, at this point, the form below will close for entries.

If you’re all set to enter, complete the form here:


Images will be judged on the usual criteria when it comes to RAWs and shooting. Marks will be gained for good exposure, good lighting, good focus, appropriate settings and composition in camera. No points will be lost for noise if the settings are appropriate for the subject and location. The judging will take place at the start of January and the judges decision is final.  

The winner of this months challenge will receive a £50 Amazon gift card*.

Good luck!

*Prizes are non-transferrable. One-to-one’s must be taken within 2 months of the competition ending. Amazon gift cards will be created in your countries Amazon location where possible to ensure maximum spendability.