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Looking to join us as an MTog, one of the premium special VIPs who get more because they want it? You’re in the right place. On this page you have a couple of options related to membership tiers and payment frequency to suit you and your cashflow – whether you choose monthly or annually, both have the same monetary value.

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13 reviews for Premium Membership

  1. Laura Heyden (verified owner)

    This is an AMAZING resource for anyone wanting to improve their photography and editing skills. Jessica is very easy to follow, understand an best of all FUN! The complete edits offer a wide range of Lightroom and Photoshop techniques, which help encourage me to try them with my own editing. I HIGHLY recommend becoming a MTOG member and enroll in her classes…I was hesitant to spend that kind of money, but I’m here to tell you, it’s totally worth it. There is so much offered to members, you won’t be disappointed. The great community is a bonus.

  2. Rob Gale (verified owner)

    Being a MTog Member is almost like having Jess by your side with every photo shoot I do, the information she presents to the members are like secrets, you would only tell your best friend, which when applied, can take your work from ordinary to extraordinary.

  3. SUSAN TAIT (verified owner)

    I’m so pleased that I became a MTog member, this is such a fantastic community to be part of which has been brought together by Jess and her team. Jess is such an amazing teacher, she makes everything so easy to follow and with all her videos, webinars Q&A’s is so helpful and always willing to share her wealth of knowledge. I have learnt so much from Jess and know there is still so much more to learn. Not only does Jess bring so much information on a weekly basis via her video’s, she also makes it so much more personal by creating the Question and Answer meetings where again Jess will answer any questions we have. If you’re thinking about becoming a MTog member you definitely won’t be disappointed when you join…..

  4. Jessica Buck (verified owner)

    As soon as this membership opened up I knew I had to join. It is an amazing group and you get SO much! It is like the YouTube but better!! Like with everything, you get so much more than what you think. I am loving being an MTog, I would definitely recommend it. Always learning something new too!

  5. Clara Allansson (verified owner)

    I highly recommend the MTOG membership. Jess and Dan always deliver above and beyond what is promised when you sign up and I’m always learning new things. They go the extra mile to make sure everyone is getting the help they need and that everyone is developing their skills. The deep critiques are amazing and the Facebook group is like a close-knit community.

  6. Barry Sedgwick (verified owner)

    mtog membership is hugely influential in my progression in photography .Jess really cares about our members and how she can help us progress. mtog is a really safe community, i feel i can ask anything .I highly recommend the membership to anyone who wants to be apart of the mtog family .

  7. Lynn Busse (verified owner)

    I can’t say how beneficial this membership is if you are wanting to improve your photography and editing skills. The content is plentiful and amazing. Jess is a wonderful instructor and mentor. I’m so glad I jumped on the opportunity to be a part of this community as soon as was it opened last year. I couldn’t ask for a better way to improve all of my skills as a photographer. Since joining I have started my own portrait photography business and I can’t wait to see what the future holds with Jess’s continuing support. Highly recommend!

  8. Lhanna Dickson (verified owner)

    This membership community is worth every penny and more. Being ran by photographer and marketing guru means you are learning from someone who is doing it everyday and can evidence that. Not only are you learning how to shoot and edit, but also getting advice on much more.

    The quality of the information provided is exemplary. Everything is beautiful; from the colours, to images to the writing style. Topics are so easy to find and it’s not annoying or clunky to navigate. It’s really professional and so clean.

    In the social media group, Jess is very present,, not passing it over to a team and gives really informative advice. It’s extremely welcoming and supportive; a must for anyone wanting to improve their hobby but also a must for anyone wanting to make their hobby and income source.
    It’s undoubtedly been the best investment I have made in my photography.
    Thank you team tog spot! ????

  9. Eduardo Angielczyk (verified owner)

    During the first lockdown I “met” Jess and was amazed about the quality and quantity of knowledge she shares.
    The moment I had the opportunity to become an MTOG member signed for the membership and feel that I am receiving even more than expected.
    Undoubtedly the best resource for those who are dedicated or love dog photography.

  10. Renate Zuidema (verified owner)

    The membership is just amazing! such a great community with very kind and helpfull people, where you can ask for CC without being burned to the ground.. that is for me just so important. next to that, all the info is sooo good and helpfull. i personaly as a premium+ member love the deep critique’s the most. I always learn alot from them. Jess is really good in explaining and teaching. Even for people who don’t have english as there 1 language, it is not to difficult to follow the tutorials and lessons.

  11. Jo Roach (verified owner)

    I am so thankful for Jess and the membership! I have had other photography memberships and this one is the best by far in the amount and quality of information that is provided. Jess does a great job of making the instruction easy to understand. She is very much involved in the membership group and she has created a very welcoming and supportive community. The Mtog support team is fantastic. You can tell that Jess really cares about helping her students to learn and excel. Jess has a great way of explaining how to make improvements to an image while building confidence in her students. I have learned so much and I am excited to learn more!

  12. Gemma Burden (verified owner)

    I am so pleased that I became a premium member, I have learnt so much and my photography has progressed massively. Jess is a fantastic teacher, and the whole community are so friendly and helpful. Premium members have access to so many resources, it really is worth every penny.

  13. Nathalie Lagacé (verified owner)

    Vous aimez la chaîne YouTube? Vous avez dévoré tous les vidéos? Vous allez adorez MTOG. Les nombreux tutoriels/webinars sont diversifiés, dynamiques et inspirants, le Q&A, la critique constructive d’image, le magazine, la retouche de photo live ( et bien plus), je ne peux plus m’en passer!

    Être membre m’a permis de renouer avec ma passion pour la photo, milieu que j’avais quitté et mis de coté avec l’arrivé du numérique. Avec les encouragements de Jess, je peux maintenant dire que je m’amuse dans photoshop, qui l’eu cru!! L’approche de Jess ( et son équipe) est personnalisée, le contenu de qualité, les conseils honnêtes: elle vous partage ses connaissances et son expérience, que vous soyez un photographe enthousiaste ou un pro, Chacun apprend à son rythme, selon ses intérêts , besoins et objectifs mais en s’amusant, yeah!

    Jess est un excellent professeur, humble, attentionnée , patiente et avec un super sens de l’humour. Elle souhaite notre succès et ne ménage pas ses efforts afin de nous permettre d’y arriver! Elle s’assure que tous que tous les membres se sente en confiance dans le groupe .

    N.B.: J’aimerais ajouter, que si parler en anglais vous terrifie, ce n’est pas un problème ici. Vous pouvez communiquer facilement et simplement par écrit ( pas besoin d’un diplôme en langue anglaise)!

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