THIS POST IS NOW OUT OF DATE. Please see the updated version which warns against using Topaz Labs Denoise AI. For integrity, all the links to the product have been removed from this post.


I’d just like to start this with a confession. I, probably like you, had seen these social ads by Topaz Labs about Topaz DeNoise AI for a good few weeks now. I always scrolled on past because, let’s face it, usually these things are too good to be true.


Not this time.

I thought it would probably be best to record a sub-10 minute quick review of the software along with some cripplingly horrific examples, just to see if Topaz DeNoise AI lived up to the hype. You can see that little review here:


Let’s pause for a sec and run through some tips for using this tool:

  • You can use DeNoise AI or AI Clear, in the limited tests I’ve run, DeNoise AI performed better
  • You can apply custom settings OR use the auto settings. To be honest, I’ve had better results in choosing Auto and then fine-tuning
  • You can toggle on and off the “Low Light Mode”. Now, this was the biggest thing for me – the software worked much better wispy hair gaps with this toggled to the ON position

Of course, you may have completely different results, and that is fine!

What’s the price tag for DeNoise AI?

Well, I don’t want to write anything here because I don’t want it to become out of date super quickly, but, as it stands, Topaz DeNoise AI runs at $79.99 USD for a year of updates. I’m pretty sure that after that year, you keep access to the software, but lose the ability to run updates. However, I’m not 100% sure so if the information I have changes, I’ll update this!

Topaz DeNoise AI Before & Afters

Now, depending on the screen you’re on, you’ll either be able to see the transformation or not. You’ll also be able to see the edits how I can see them, or they’ll look a bit too overcooked. Sadly, YouTube compression isn’t too friendly to colours when the video is created in Adobe Premiere Pro (that’ll be me!), so I figured I best include a before and after here too:

Link to the product: Topaz Labs DeNoise AI

Please do let me know whether you’ve tried this tool or not! At the time of creation, this was not a sponsored post and none of the links in this post have been monetised. The links added afterwards are affiliate links but only because I love this product so much, it’s worth having a baby small stake in it!