When it comes to shooting small subjects through tall foliage, sometimes you need a fix because wherever you position yourself, you can always seem to have something coming over an important part of the subject. I hear you, it’s a normal occurrence. In those instances, here’s a handy little trick to remove blurry stuff from in front of subjects…

(if you’re looking for removing things from behind subjects, you need to be here)

Ok so as I prefaced in the tutorial video of how to remove grass and green stuff from in front of the puppas (or any other subject), it doesn’t work for ALL objects. In those occurrences, you need to actually do the opposite but that’s pretty complicated and definitely one for another day!

Key things to remember about this trick are:

  • You need to have a good rich colour to sample
  • You need to be aware that you need to make the colour darker to lighten the effect
  • You can impact the strength of the correction by saturating or desaturating the colour picked
  • You need to have a good, clean mask

It’s just a case of practice and training your eye, two things I can’t help you further with – that part is on you. Good luck and have fun!

Photoshop Action for this trick:

As promised, MTogs you guys have the action to just download and go. It’s in 3 parts for straightforward application, just follow the prompts and you won’t go far wrong! Head to the MTog Vault and search for the matching post there.

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