If you’ve wondered what goes on at a studio shoot, in a shed, at the end of a named storm in the UK, look no further. Please note, this shoot was a favour to a friend – we no longer shoot commercially.

Meet Ryoka. 8 weeks old and truly freaking adorable!

Ryoka had come home just a few days before and Jess Clarehugh, her owner, international agility competitor and close friend to me here offered her up for some photos. Of course, I jumped at the chance and we filmed the whole thing!

We started with setting up, then we used Ryoka’s big sister Cara to test the set-up on both backgrounds. Cara was a pro, as per. After Ryoka, we also shot her other sisters, Beanie, Dora and Logic. The full shoot from start to pack down can be seen here:

If you’re wondering how on earth we reclaimed those backgrounds, never fear, we did a video shortly after covering that here:

And if you wanted to see them, here’s a couple more from this session!

Amazing day, great fun, awesome photos. What more could we ask for?!