Wondering how to add an extra sharpen to a photo in Photoshop? Well, look no further. This post includes my two core sharpening methods, one “true” and one “subtle”.

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We’ll start with the “true” one. This method involves using the High Pass filter to add a clear and crisp layer over an image. It’s probably the best way to sharpen a photo in Photoshop:

If you’re happy with your sharpening, but want to pull out some detail in the shadows at the same time as crisping up the details there, you may love the result using the Surface Blur filter. Please note, this isn’t a blur!

This one is a little more complex but the result can be stunning:

As an example, the surface blur was used on this image of Pippi, can you tell the difference between the before and the after?

I hope you can!

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