It has been a year since we last covered goals and goal setting and I felt that a refresher on how to set goals and actually achieve them, no matter the size, scale or type, was needed. As before I was hesitant to do this video and post because I feel like it kind of makes me sound pretentious or big-headed, but at the same time, if I’ve found a method that works for me, why wouldn’t I share it with you all? So, here we are.

I would imagine most people will come here for the Goal Setting Worksheet PDF, and therefore there is a short form for that here:

Why listen to me about goal setting:

Hi I’m Jess and I love goal setting, progress and Yorkshire Tea.

From quitting smoking twice (over ten years – I’m human) to buying and renovating homes, scaling businesses into 6-figures to building my very own Photography Studio in the garden, I’m running on a 100% success rate for goal completion using this method.

Sure, it takes time, and it’s hard work to complete, but the achievements are insane if you do the work.

^^^ this was wholly uncomfortable for me to write, I like to be a hermit in the studio and not discuss any of the above, especially “success” with other humans.

Basics for how to set goals:

In terms of absolute essentials for success when you set goals, I would say the following are needed:

  • A timeline of goals
  • Sub-goals to feed into the overall goal (could be KPIs!)
  • Tactics to achieve the sub-goals
  • Review periods
  • Time to actually complete the tactics
  • Accountability, determination and resilience.

The workbook above will take you through each of these individual steps in a simple, methodical way and you can keep it handy for years to come too – win win!

In the video covering this topic, I walk through the steps of doing goal setting to achieve them with a personal goal – nothing at all to do with Photography or business. Whether you want to build a business empire, or just complete a 5k run without having a heart attack, the process remains the same.

You must be bought into your goals before you do this – if you don’t care that much about them then they’ll never be realised.

The short video on this setting goals and achieving them can be found here:

For any Member, there is a long-form uncut webinar with my own workings and some additional tips for success. This can be found in the MTog Vault. If you aren’t a premium member, consider checking out the membership options here