A few weeks ago our friends over at Digitalab invited us to visit and allowed me to follow them around for the day whilst they transformed Beanie treat bobbing into an epic piece of wall art.

Our mission for the day? To follow this captivating image on its transformative journey within the lab’s walls. From the moment it emerges from the printer, we trail its progress through various stages. Our guides take us through the meticulous process of mounting it onto acrylic, selecting the perfect frame, and preparing it for its new home.

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This entire video wouldn’t exist without the amazing team at Digitalab, who are my absolute go to for all my printing needs! You can find out more about everything the offer on their website, which can be found here.

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Here is the video on this topic:



As we start our journey, we’re introduced to the print room of the printing process. Our expert demonstrate the calibration and meticulous attention to detail involved in bringing an image to life on paper. The image undergoes quality checks and adjustments to ensure that every shade and hue is captured accurately, reflecting the artist’s vision.

The Acrylic

Moving on to the acrylic room – my favourite room of the tour, our expert meticulously inspect the print, ensuring that every tiny detail is perfect. The print is then layered with optically clear face mount film, a process that enhances its vibrancy and provides a unique effect.

The transformation is truly remarkable – from a digital file to a tangible piece of art that demands attention, it was time to transport printed Beanie to the framing room.


Our image finds its home within a made to measure, hand crafted frame – the Manhattan Tray frame, in this case.

Felix, our framing expert, talks us through how the frames are made and a brief description of the mats involved, which goes right over my head.

Each frame is tailored to perfection, ensuring that the print is presented in a way that complements its essence. The frame adds an extra layer of visual appeal, turning the image into a conversation piece that demands admiration.


With the image framed and ready, the final touch involves creating a custom packaging solution. Each piece is treated with care and precision, crafted to provide protection during transit.

This part of the process was the most mind blowing for me due to the sheer speed of the box making machine. It was so fast we didn’t actually catch anything on camera the first time around so we had to again for this part!

The attention to detail extends even to the packaging, a testament to the dedication that Digitalab puts into ensuring the safe arrival of each piece.

I was absolutely in my element for this day at Digitalab and it was truly inspiring to watch the intricate processes that transforms so many digital concepts into tangible works of art. From printing to framing, every step is an ode to craftsmanship, innovation, and creativity.

The final product is now proudly hanging in our studio, which you might catch a glimpse of every now and again in our videos. We’re so glad we got to share this glimpse of the behind the scenes with you.