The most important thing about photography, in my opinion, is composition. If you don’t have good composition, then, well, your photos just don’t say “wow, look at me”. Psychologically, good composition in photography makes your brain happy – it doesn’t have to work hard, it all just makes sense.

I like things that make sense. Turns out, the vast majority of the human population sees it that simply too.

You see, if there’s no interest, no balance, no composition greatness, the photo may as well just be a single shade of grey. At best, composition can solidify a shot and get you sales on that alone. At worst, composition can ruin your entire image.

Of course, you can crop here and expand the canvas there, but that won’t save inherently poor composition. If it’s crap it’s crap, just head out and reshoot. If you have the space available, the angle of the shot right and technically the image is perfect, just go ahead and crop in. You’ll make a huge difference.

If, however, you haven’t worked out the other bits, a crop won’t save the shot. In this situation, chalk it up to experience and get back out there for round two.

Ok, enough doom and gloom. Let’s get to it – here are your composition rules. The challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to shoot to them every single time and make some magic!

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