I can’t quite believe that it is 2022. But it’s January and that means that it is CHALLENGE REVIEW TIME! This month we continued on with the December “grouping method” with a few small tweaks and we now need to allocate those Pins (if you’re lost, check this page here) and announce the next month’s challenge. Let’s get started…

The December challenge was Seasons. I asked you to submit an image that clearly portrayed one of the four seasons – spring, summer, autumn or winter. There were comparatively more entries in the Winter camp, which is not really a surprise to be honest! The video for this months review is here:

As usual, there is no way we can include everyone’s individual critiques in the video. I had already pre-batched up images and had a shortlist in mind before I started recording which meant that I could pre-screen and group up images. Anyone with an image in either the shortlist or the short-shortlist or the final-short-shortlist or just the entries in general, should be very, very proud!

That being said, there can only be one winner. Therefore, the winners of the pins this month are:

(If you don’t know what Pins are, please check out the section on pins here.)

But what is January’s challenge? This months challenge is:

The “Macro” Challenge.

The aim of this month’s challenge is to submit an image that falls into the Macro genre. Macro by definition is a photograph taken where the image on the sensor is at least the same size as the object/subject in real life – a 1:1 or greater reproduction. True macro is mind-blowing and incredible – super zoom level detail all over the place – but not everyone has the tools to be able to pull this off so we’re looking for submissions that have a “larger than life” feel.

As a tip: Macro photography is where the subject of the photograph is usually very small in real life, or is a very small detail of a larger object.

The subject can be anything.

How to enter:

  • Stricly ONE entry per person.
  • Shoot or select an image shot within the last 12 months.
  • Post your piece to Instagram and tag @thattogspot in the image.
  • In the description/caption, use the hashtag #ThatTogSpotChallenge
  • (optional) Share the post to your story (bonus points for adding a before and after) and tag @thattogspot and #ThatTogSpotChallenge in the story
  • Entries close at midnight (UK time) on the last day of January


The image will be judged on all the normal things (focus, composition, clipped highlights or shadows, focus, exposure, editing quality (not quantity!), and white balance) in line with Print comps

As always, no purchased/downloaded assets are allowed – these include overlays, composite elements and brushes. Entries should not be submitted of images taken on trainings and workshops.

The judging will take place at the start of February and the judge’s decision is final.  

Good luck!