On the 27th September 2021, Bryt turned one. I can’t describe the epic time I’ve had with Beanie over the past year, so I’m not even going to try. To celebrate Bryt’s first Birthday and have a bit of fun ourselves in the process, we thought why not get her a cake and do a dog photography cake smash?!

In truth, this was Dan’s idea and he sought out the cake for this photoshoot. A simple dog-friendly cake from Doggie Desserts was the perfect fit for the session, but something must’ve distracted Dan at the time he ordered because he ordered a cake which said, “Happy 2nd Birthday Bryt” on it…

Way too late to order a new one, we went ahead and shot with it anyway, and Bryt loved it! You can see a showreel version of Cake Smash A here:

Now, the week before Beanie’s birthday was The Photography Show, and whilst there, purely by coincidence, Bryt met a lovely lady who thought she was gorgeous. Funnily enough, this lady had her own business making dog-friendly, human-grade cakes for pets. And thus, we planned to receive cake 2 as quickly as possible to do two cake smashes in one session.

Sadly, the Adored Pets Cuisine cake was held up at our local postal office and didn’t make it to us in time to go shoot. Thankfully, we didn’t really mind doing two cake smashes on separate days, and neither did Bryt. So the shoot that I really wanted to do happened just after Bryt turned one, but still in time for this post right here.

Cake Smash B was recorded with all the technical details, lighting ratios, camera settings, workflow and a fair few trials to overcome inside, just like Cake Smash A. Both shoots and a full edit of one of the images is available for Premium Members lower down in this post, so buckle up and get ready for a right old mess MTog’s! [I’ve also popped my core workflow Photoshop actions into this post too, with the video – make sure you are logged in]

If you’re not logged in and signed up as an MTog, this is where we’ll leave you, I hope you’ve enjoyed watching some Beanie time, and here are a few photo’s for you to peruse:

MTog Bryt Birthday Gifts in the MTog Vault

To fulfil my promise of always giving more, here is the first MTog resource with a deeper dive into Studio Photography, complete with teeny tiny thin backdrop rolls that fit in most homes and a simple lighting set-up for ease too. Remember, all my kit is on the kit page.

For Bryt’s birthday, we have 2 behind the scenes (both Cake Smash shoots) and a full edit which includes some super handy little tricks for more efficient studio photography editing that I don’t think many of you will have seen before. You also have a set of actions, my core workflow actions which are seen in use in the video. There are no descriptive pop-ups on these, they are literally what I use, day in day out, so shout if you need additional support here.

Enjoy the mess and if you think this looks like it might be fun, why not practice your studio skills at home?