Welcome to a little post to go with the full shoot walkthrough of a horse photography session with Twiggy the Connemara and her human, Emily.

This video wasn’t planned out to be recorded but I felt the content might be useful to some people so it was best to share with a voiceover pointing out what I was doing at the creation point of every shot. I hope this video is helpful!

Link to the Halter (NOT paid promotion!): https://www.emmaemerelle.com/photo-halter

*** DISCLAIMER: If you are photographing horses (and their humans) ensure safety is your TOP priority and never ever put anyone in harms way. You must be fully insured to shoot horses in any capacity because things can go wrong in a split second. Twiggy is a very calm, bombproof mare who was perfect for this type of session. Had she been spooky or scatty, Emily would NOT have been on board. Safety first – no exceptions! ***

Thank you to Emily for allowing us to share the content of this video ❤️