Business Forms Template Pack

Included as standard in Unit 2 of the Business Bootcamp Online Course, these forms form an integral part of hand-holding the customer through their photography experience to ensure they are never confused or frustrated. Those two things are the killers of great customer experiences, and these forms are Jess’s own that she’s used in her business. Currently branded for Picky Patricia, Jess’s alter ego from critique sessions, these templates are Canva ready, meaning with just a few clicks you can rebrand them and off you go!

This pack includes the following templates:

  • Session Guide Booklet
  • Product Guide Booklet
  • Price List (Investment Guide)
  • Order Form
  • Information Form
  • Digital File Guide
  • Contract Template
  • The Vital Read

Item specifics:

  • Format: Canva templates
  • Requirements: Canva account (P.S, this is FREE)

After purchase, you’ll get a download that takes you to the Template Access Links. Just click on the links and amend as you wish. For further support, a full step by step and points for consideration are included in Unit 2: Business Basics.