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Photoshop for beginners.

Level: Beginner
Status: Open, Refilmed with PS 2024.
Access: 3 months*

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Start your Photoshop journey right.

Aim: The aim of this Photoshop for beginners online course is to take anyone who is brand new to Adobe Photoshop through the fundamentals and core workflow tools, leaving them prepared with skills to take on any Photoshop tutorial available on the internet, including ours.

Please note: This workshop is designed for those with zero Photoshop knowledge, including those who have opened an image in the program and then panicked. It really is Photoshop for beginners. Don’t worry – I’ve got you!

Start time: Anytime!
Learning Style: Self Learning

You will need:

  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • Adobe Photoshop CC (current version is ideal)
  • Patience and determination!

Here’s what you’ll do in just a few lessons:


Minutes of tuition




Mini workflow


Downloadable Resources

The info:

If you’re brand new to Photoshop, or simply too scared to try it, you are not alone. In fact, one of the most common messages I get is that our YouTube or Members tutorials are too complex and confusing – is there anything for beginners? Often, the student will sign up for an online one-to-one to go through Photoshop basics, but in an hour we can’t get through everything. 

So, after wondering how I can handhold everyone to confidence in Photoshop, I ended up creating this Photoshop for beginners online course which contains 20 lessons, 2 downloadable PDF resources and a few extra notes and signposts along the way! In this course, we’re going to cover:

  • An introduction to Photoshop
  • The Tools & Workspace
  • The 3 Fundamentals of Photoshop
  • Application Section 1: Selections & Clean-Ups
  • Application Section 2: Adjustments
  • Application Section 3: Filters
  • Advanced Learning

And it’s all online so you can join from anywhere in the world!

Please note, this course is delivered in English.

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Section 1: Introduction

In the first section of the course, Jess runs through the basics of Photoshop from right at the very start of creating a new blank document to explaining each of the tools and customising your workspace.

Section 2: Fundamentals

In section 2 Jess covers the fundamentals of Photoshop in an easy-to-understand way that equips you with some handy tips and tricks to make life a lot easier!

Section 3: Application

Section 3 is all about application and in this part of the course, Jess shows you specific skills using selection tools, adjustment layers and filters that’ll leave you prepared and ready for more!

The Extras

To help with the learning process in this course, Jess has prepared two downloadable resources that are handy to have close-by, and some sample images to apply lesson steps to. 

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Trainers, Influencers & Coaches

Unfortunately, due to repetitive, frustrating and demoralising situations occurring regularly over the past two years, we’ve had to make the decision to refuse access to any individual who offers, or plans to offer, photography, editing or business training to other photographers.

There are exceptions to our new no-trainer rule that we’re happy to make, but only if we’re contacted before membership registration to approve the sign-up.

“This has been one of the single hardest decisions I personally (Jess) have ever had to make. Over 50 different people have blatantly, unapologetically and aggressively stolen or skimmed content, workflows or resources in the past 18 months alone. Never again.”

We will always protect ourselves and others in our position, just as we would expect others to do, and we check for misuse and fraud regularly.

All our content, techniques, resources, plan structures, included elements and pricing are protected. As a hard line, any plagiarism, content skimming or intellectual property theft will be pursued legally and details of the breach will be shared with the industry.

It’s a shame it’s come to this, but we know we’re not the only educators to have had to implement this protocol. Please be a good human!

If you pass the above terms then there are no course pre-checks, no delays, no approvals and no launch dates, everything is on your terms. To sign up, you just need to add the access to your basket and checkout.

During checkout, you’ll be asked to create an account with an email address and password – make a note of these, you’ll need them to access the course. After checkout, your access starts then over on our dedicated Course platform, courses.thattogspot.com.

You can take a look at our other online courses here. 

Please note, this is a self-learning course so please try to make sure you have a good internet connection before starting! Access is for 3-months as standard. For lifetime access to enrolled courses, check out the Memberships.

Access Duration

The access duration for this course is set at 3 months.
Why? Read on…

Access to the lessons is set by default and by design – there is current scientific research displaying a strong correlation between learning deadlines and completion, retention and mastery. Self-management is crucial and even with a busy life or a time-pressured day job, if you prepare for our online courses, you’ll have enough time to complete the sessions plus practical assignments too.

We would recommend taking your time to work through the lessons and practise each topic before moving on but also to schedule learning time in your diary to ensure you remain committed to working through your enrolled content.

We know this is a hotly debated topic in the online learning world, but for Jess as a science nerd, following the data is vital. So far a grand total of 0.3% of our total student enrolments have got stuck on the access length. We’re here to help though, so read on…

If at the end of the default access length, you feel that you need more time, just send us an email and we’ll sort that out as soon as possible – there is no charge for extending however extensions are for 3 months only and can only be applied once.

That being said, you can get lifetime access connected to an MTog membership if you need additional time. If you are an MTog already, you can request to have course access extended at any time, for any reason (you don’t need to tell us). Simply send an email to [email protected] to get the process moving. We’ll action it as fast as possible!


of people don't complete online courses if there is no deadline for access*

* W. Feng, J. Tang, and T. X. Liu, “Understanding dropouts in MOOCs,” Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, 2019 + J. Reich, “MOOC completion and retention in the context of student intent,” EDUCAUSE Review Online, 2014.

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Reviews from 2024:

I recently completed the Photoshop for Beginners course at That Tog Spot.  I went from a raw beginner to competently editing my own photos in Photoshop. The course also prepared me to learn more advanced workflows. Jess is a wonderful teacher.  The course was well organized and each lesson was presented clearly and concisely.  I would absolutely recommend this course to others and have! – Anne


Reviews before 2024:

10 reviews for Photoshop for Beginners Access

  1. PaigeNewby (verified owner)

    This course is absolutely perfect for beginners. Extremely clear and easy to understand, taking you through all of the tools you need in an easy to navigate step by step format. For anyone struggling with Photoshop this is an essential purchase!!! You can learn at your own pace, in your own time and you will be confident in the foundations of Photoshop by the end. Cannot recommend enough.

  2. Josee Lavoie (verified owner)

    As someone who’s been using Photoshop for years, I felt I could use a return to the basics and enjoyed That Tog Spot’s YouTube videos, so I purchased this course. I was surprised at how much I learned! Jess leads you through the basics of Photoshop in a clear, concise manner, and the exercises provided help to put what your learn into practice. I would HIGHLY recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn how to use Photoshop.

  3. Jacqui Jensen-Roy (verified owner)

    Jess McGovern’s Photoshop Foundations course is extremely well thought out and beautifully presented. I use Photoshop often, but because the software is wildly complex, I have gaps in my knowledge. This course filled in quite a few of those gaps and I feel like the creative enhancements I envision will soon become reality on my images with more practice. I’m very happy I purchased this.

  4. Steve Cole (verified owner)

    Although I have used Photoshop for some time now, I have never considered myself very knowledgable when using it (to be honest most of it was guess work). I have even completed other Photoshop courses, but never really learnt much from them.This course has explained things in a very easy to understand way, and I just love Jess’s style of tutoring…really recommend this to anyone.

  5. Jo Tresidder (verified owner)

    I have been using photoshop for some time and had just got into a rut with editing. I decided to take the foundation course and I am so happy I did. I thought I had gone past those eureka moments in my life but found myself shouting at the screen “I get it” “ah that’s how to do it” Jess is clear, concise and puts you at ease from the introduction module down to the advanced videos. I completed the course and took notes throughout. The beauty of the foundation course is you can go back and rewatch the videos multiple times. This is without doubt the best money I have spent in a long time and have gained an immense amount of knowledge.

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