Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Access
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This gets you access to the Online Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait course! The course is a 50 lesson self-learning online course that gives you over 9 hours of content along with downloadable sample images. Access is given for 6 months as standard. The aim of this course is to learn and replicate exactly what I would do for dog photography portraits in a live location, capturing “the shot” and being able to transform that shot with creative photoshop tools and conscious editing decisions. The style taught throughout this course is the Woodland Style seen in work during 2020, including the multi-award-winning images created during that period of time. This course is available either with or without the supporting asset, The Book, written by Jess specifically to support this course.

Optional bundle with The Book:

This 142-page, 15,000+ word A4 landscape book is paired as the supporting notes and workflows for the Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Course. The Book is delivered worldwide to your door via either standard post or courier.


70 reviews for Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Access

  1. Liza Takács (verified owner)

    Loved this course, learned so much about paying attention to details and how it all comes together at the end even if you cannot see it in the beginning. As they say “Trust the process!” What is fascinating to me that the tips and tricks you learn can be implemented to your own workflow and style easily.

  2. Sue Woodcock (verified owner)

    Before completing the Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait workshop, I first did the Photoshop for Beginners course. Both of these courses have been invaluable, and I’ve gained so much more knowledge than I ever imagined possible. Jess’s attention to detail is second to none. What you learn in these courses is just incredible. She explains everything at great length without leaving you with that feeling of being overwhelmed. She breaks it down step by step to make perfect sense. In the past, other courses have always left me feeling more confused than confident, but that has not been the case with Jess’s courses. If you are considering doing any of these courses I highly recommend them. Jess is a natural teacher who truly inspires you not just with her teaching but also as a photographer as well! Thank you so much, Jess!

  3. Fajar Liem (verified owner)

    amazing, i think this is by far my favourite online course. i have been watching your youtube channel for weeks and this lesson is exactly what i’m looking for. it has increase the way i shoot , edit, and handle my dog photography. previously i was using lightroom 90% of the time, now i’m using photoshop 80% of the time. i’m so gratefull to be able to find you and learn from your experience.

    i am looking forward for the next lesson .

  4. Tara Keane (verified owner)

    The content is really great and I did learn loads.
    However… for the cost I paid I feel I should be able to access this content for life without having to ALSO pay a membership fee to be able to refer back to a lesson again in the future. I have paid for lots of online tuition over the years and for all those other courses I have lifetime access. Why should this be different?

    • That Photography Spot (verified owner)

      Hi Tara, thank you for your comments and it is super to hear that you thought the content was great and that you learnt loads! I do feel that we are clear on all pre-enrollment resources that this is a time-limited course, but I will ensure all areas are checked and altered if needed to ensure there is no misunderstanding in the future regarding our learning model.

      Most professional online courses, as in courses focussing on professional CPD rather than sub-skills from professionals, have “end” dates or deadlines to ensure learners are aware of time management to effectively achieve their goals. If this specific course is completed over, say, a 1.5 year period, the learnings at the beginning are mostly forgotten and it directly reduces the efficacy of the course itself on the learner which is something we’ve seen firsthand.

      We do not and will not charge for a 3-month extension if the student needs that time, but we won’t be making any courses lifetime access as standard because that isn’t the kind of learning model we believe in. Wishing you all the very best on your journey, Jessica

  5. Julia Cowan (verified owner)

    Wonderful course! I learned so much and Jess is easy to follow. Worth every cent!

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