Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Access
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This gets you access to the Online Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait course! The course is a 50 lesson self-learning online course that gives you over 9 hours of content along with downloadable sample images. Access is given for 6 months as standard. The aim of this course is to learn and replicate exactly what I would do for dog photography portraits in a live location, capturing “the shot” and being able to transform that shot with creative photoshop tools and conscious editing decisions. The style taught throughout this course is the Woodland Style seen in work during 2020, including the multi-award-winning images created during that period of time. This course is available either with or without the supporting asset, The Book, written by Jess specifically to support this course.

Optional bundle with The Book:

This 142-page, 15,000+ word A4 landscape book is paired as the supporting notes and workflows for the Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Course. The Book is delivered worldwide to your door via either standard post or courier.


68 reviews for Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Access

  1. Daniel Fredriksson (verified owner)

    Best online course I have ever taken, rich in content and very educational.
    Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take a big step forward in their development when it comes to photography and editing.

  2. Terry Hunter (verified owner)

    Just finished…….Great course to do….so much content on photography and in depth editing…….Highly recommended, especially for beginners and Pro’s who want to take the next step in being the best they can be at photography.

  3. Elaine Walters (verified owner)

    Excellent! As an online course, I was skeptical about what I would get out of it. This ended up being beyond what I expected in terms of content and education. I cannot recommend taking this course enough! It has changed the way I shoot and edit and my journey with MTog has only just begun!

  4. Sian Jones (verified owner)

    Extremely rich in content – the depth and detail Jess goes into is impressive! This course has changed how I think about composition, I’ve gained a better understanding of light, how to use the multitude of tools within photoshop and helped me shape a style. An incredible course that is worth every penny. Thank you Jess!

  5. Tracy Doland (verified owner)

    This is going to probably be word soup because this course has truly made me speechless. This online course was incredible. So in-depth yet to the point. I thought I was purchasing this just to learn more about the editing style but I came out challenging my entire view on portraits in general as far as composition, light theory and camera settings. This course was seriously life changing. I feel far more confident in the work I can put out and potentially even sell now. As I was taking it I had to pinch myself and remember to breathe because I just felt so lucky to be getting such incredible insight! I will definitely be purchasing the Sh!t Hot Shots next! Seriously wow buy this you will not regret it. I could cry not that it’s over.

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