Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Access
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This gets you access to the Online Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait course! The course is a 50 lesson self-learning online course that gives you over 9 hours of content along with downloadable sample images. Access is given for 6 months as standard. The aim of this course is to learn and replicate exactly what I would do for dog photography portraits in a live location, capturing “the shot” and being able to transform that shot with creative photoshop tools and conscious editing decisions. The style taught throughout this course is the Woodland Style seen in work during 2020, including the multi-award-winning images created during that period of time. This course is available either with or without the supporting asset, The Book, written by Jess specifically to support this course.

Optional bundle with The Book:

This 142-page, 15,000+ word A4 landscape book is paired as the supporting notes and workflows for the Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Course. The Book is delivered worldwide to your door via either standard post or courier.


70 reviews for Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Access

  1. Jo Tresidder (verified owner)

    What can I say? I will try and write a review that will do justice to this course but I feel my words will not even come close to how life changing this has been for me. I had used Photoshop for editing but had no real idea to the basic, core principals that I needed first. I studied the beginners course first and I feel that if you have any doubts in your mind as to ability then this is a great starting place to go into the advanced with confidence. This is a challenging course and is advanced but Jess takes you by the hand and leads you through every step. As said, you will learn first the basics you need to progress and you will quickly understand WHY these are SO important. Camera settings, composition, light, live shoots, distractions (I never realised there were so many) and all of the bonus tips and tricks. Then the exciting part the editing and composites. I looked briefly at the first challenging composite and edit and thought “never, will I do this”, guess what?……not only did I but it looks fantastic and had to pinch myself to remember…..I did that!!. I am excited to take this forward into my own photography and the world is my oyster. I couldn’t leave this review without a personal note to jess and of course the full team. Words do come easy in life but putting those words into actions takes passion. Jess, I wish there were more people like you in the world today, we would be a far better place. Your knowledge, passion, belief and desire to improve others comes over throughout every step of the way in this course. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart…….YOU ARE A LEGEND

  2. Jessica Buck (verified owner)

    Honestly, WOW! There is not much more I can say, because everything has been said in the previous reviews. You learn so much and more. Jess goes above and beyond with this, if you are thinking about doing this course, JUST DO IT! You are missing out, if you do not sign up to this! I have followed Jess on Youtube and loved all her videos, this course is like her Youtube videos as she takes you on a journey with her of how everything and I mean everything, is done. Once you have gone through it, your photography mind will then change perspective on how you see things, I now look at just general photos and think about all the compositional angles etc. It is amazing how this was done virtually, and considering that, it was like we were there in person. Thank you to Jess, and her team, who genuinely have made one of the best workshops I have ever done!!

  3. Anna van Zwol (verified owner)

    Where to begin – when I started this course I knew pretty much nothing. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up due to the difficulty of the course, but Jess is such a natural teacher and explained it all so well I found myself being able to keep up even though I had never even touched PS before! I have improved so much since starting this course and the knowledge gained is invaluable. This course has not only taught me so much, it has also awakened a passion for photography and an eagerness to get out there and practice and learn and experiment and see where my photography journey takes me! I would recommend this course in a heartbeat to anyone interested in learning more about portrait photography! Thank you Jess, for sharing your world of knowledge with us – it is so very much appreciated!

  4. Katie Brockman (verified owner)

    If you’re on the fence about this course, just go for it! I learned more than I could have ever thought possible from this course. From finding shooting locations to composition to editing, Jess covers absolutely everything in such a relatable and easy-to-understand way. Although Jess provide loads of invaluable information on her YouTube channel, this course is even more in-depth and includes SO MUCH knowledge. I’ve learned nearly everything I know about photography from Jess, and this course has truly changed my dog photography journey.

  5. Laura Turner (verified owner)

    This is by far the best course I have completed, it covers so much content. You can see how much heart and soul has been put into this. Jess is so engaging, inspiring and an amazing teacher and she really cares about the learners experience. The course being online has been a real benefit for me, being able to work through at my own pace has been so beneficial. I must say it is a bit like a good book that you just can’t put down though. I was just itching to get back online and learn more after every module. My knowledge has increased and my photography skills have improved massively. This course is definately worth the investment. I can’t wait to do more of Jess’s courses!

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