Sh!t Hot Shots: The Online Course
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This course aims to transform photographers who can take a sharp, well-exposed, correct image into photographers who can make epic shots, in camera, in any location. This course involves a brand-new theory base that I’ve been working on for the past 18 months which contains a 5-point shooting framework to create awesome shots anywhere.

You’ll need to take it seriously and be flexible in your existing habits to see true success but for more information about this course, check out its info page here.

Before you enrol, you need to be at the “starting point” for using the tools inside. You’ll need to:

  • Be able to use your camera on manual mode [no? click here]
  • Be able to take a super sharp photo every time [no? click here]
  • Be able to correctly expose your images [no? click here]
  • Be able to see and set the correct white balance [no? click here]
  • Have some form of an editing workflow (this course doesn’t include any editing)

If you meet all of the above criteria, continue onwards!

This product allows for 6 months of access to the course lessons as standard. For lifetime* access to courses please check out the Premium Membership first, which will also allow you to achieve an additional discount on this course.

*Lifetime access within Premium Memberships allows you to opt to have your course access tied to your membership subscription. For the lifetime of your membership, you’ll retain access to all courses and all lessons, regardless of their original access length. Just send us an email to tell us to connect these dots.


20 reviews for Sh!t Hot Shots: The Online Course

  1. Kristina Allen (verified owner)

    I am SO glad that I invested in this course! Before I did this course, I knew my weakness in my images was the way I shot them. I tried hard to compensate this by improving my editing, but if you don’t have a SHS to start with, it’s hard to make it into one with just editing. Honestly, I think this is one of the most important courses I’ve taken in my educational journey with photography. How you shoot is such a fundamental building block that I was definitely missing. I’m dyslexic and have always been a visual learner, so I can’t tell you how amazing it was to have the shoot walkthroughs for each of the different locations, I got so much out of watching how it’s done rather than just hearing it and trying to visualise it myself. It was almost like having a one on one with Jess herself! If you are on the fence about it like I was, I can’t say enough how worth it it is!

  2. Claire Howes (verified owner)

    Jess always delivers with her courses and this one is no exception. You journey along with her via Go Pro and drone to see what she’s seeing and thinking in real time. Having her framework in my head has definitely made me look at my environment different rather than ‘spraying & praying’ when it comes to taking images. If you want to take your images to the next level, jump in with this course!

  3. Sue Woodcock (verified owner)

    If you’re stuck in a rutt and need some creative inspiration this is the course for you. It will truly open your eyes to what is possible. I have found all Jess’s courses are explained in great detail. And this course was no exception you really do get more than your moneys worth and some. Jess leaves no stone unturned and ensures that you receive an in-depth learning journey. In addition, Jess is not only an amazing educator, but she is also a truly inspiring artist as well. Thank you, again!

  4. Zoe McGrath (verified owner)

    Jess simply has a unique way in clearly explaining difficult ideas and concepts. If you’re looking to make your life easier when scouting new locations, then Sh!tHotShots is for you. This course really helped me see the world differently. I’m not just taking a bunch of photos and hoping for the best. I simply pause and look, looking for the lines, looking for interesting spots. It feels great to go out and feel confident I can capture the photos I need. I’m always learning each time I go out but now I have a solid foundation to build upon thanks to Jess and Sh!tHotShots.

  5. Sian Jones (verified owner)

    This course has really supercharged my progression! I’ve always struggled to “see lines” and understand how to use a location in the best way. This course has provided me with the knowledge to be able to turn up to any location and look for the best composition set ups.

    Jess is truly a gifted mentor and teacher, and explains rather difficult and tricky concepts in succinct and manageable ways. The ‘at location’ footage also really helps capture and describe the thought process Jess is running through at that moment in time, and provides the student with a richer learning experience.

    If you’re looking to progress your pet photography then this course is well worth the investment! I’m looking forward to building on these solid foundations and getting out there to practice creating some S!t Hot Shot art!

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