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The Aim: To learn and replicate the exact process I use to self-critique my own work for either personal, professional or competition purposes. this highly-requested and much-needed short online course shares what to look for, where to start and how to improve purely with your own eyeballs, inside.

Anyone at any level can take this course. It is all about reframing how you look at your images, identifying areas for improvement and skill development, whilst providing a benchmark for what you need to be considering to take your work up to the next level. The lessons are divided into different sections:

  • The Minimum Bar – Elements that need to be continually polished to be producing work for sale at low-level professional standard.
  • The Professional Bar – Elements that take the base level and make it something truly special
  • The Competition Bar – Elements that are fine at professional standard but need to be addressed for competition success

In this way, you can quite easily see which area you are working within at the moment and a bar (level) from which you are working upwards. For the competition bar, we use my years of award success in a wide variety of different organisations and competitions to develop upwards from professional-level work into award contenders.

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