Photoshop for Beginners Access
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This gives you access to the Photoshop for Beginners course. The P4B course is a 20-lesson self-learning option that gives you over 2 hours of content, 2 downloadable resources, and 3 sample images for the same price as a single one hour one-to-one with Jess. Access is given for 3 months as standard, with the option to extend if you need extra time (just send us a message!).


10 reviews for Photoshop for Beginners Access

  1. Regine Jensen (verified owner)

    Although I’m well used to photoshop, I found this course very useful. Tips and tricks, and a deeper understanding of why I press exactly “that” button in photo editing. Wish this course existed when I was a beginner. Highly recommended to everyone.

  2. Lynn Busse (verified owner)

    As a brand new user of lightroom and photoshop for photo editing, this course was extremely helpful and well put together. I had tried to tackle both previously with other online tutorials and kept stopping out of frustration as it was just so much to learn. Jess helped by taking it with baby steps and encouragement to tackle each lesson at a time before moving on. Now I feel much more comfortable with the basics, terminology, keyboard short cuts and steps. Still lots to learn but a great start! Jess’s free online tutorials now make sense and are so easy to follow as well. Still lots to learn but I very highly recommend to any one new to Photoshop.

  3. Mark Scales (verified owner)

    Having had little experience using Photoshop, I thought I would do this course before I doing the workshop later. It really didn’t disappoint. I find I can follow tutorials a lot easier now knowing what Is actually happening. It’s easy to follow a step by step tutorial on YouTube on how to do things, but I felt like I wasn’t ‘learning’ how to do these things, whereas now, I do. Definitely worth doing!

  4. Susan Tuemkaya (verified owner)

    Easy to follow with Jess’s help, learnt a few new things as well. I then went in to sign up for the dog photography course as well. Which is awsome. Thank you so much Jess and team .

  5. gerrit callebaut (verified owner)

    I already bought the outdoor canine course and I thought i can learn a lot more doing this course knowing how jessica explain everything and yes as i expected ,i learnt a lot more.
    So the other course got even smoother. Iff you are a beginner ,or not you still will learn from this course.

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