Lightroom for Beginners Access
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This gives you access to the Lightroom for Beginners course. The L4B course is a 31-lesson self-learning option that gives you over 2 hours of content for the same price as a single one hour one-to-one with Jess. Access is given for 3 months as standard, with the option to extend if you need extra time (just send us a message!).


7 reviews for Lightroom for Beginners Access

  1. Janice Mcinally (verified owner)

    I have been waiting a while to do this course, so glad I have finally managed to do it, and way Jess explains everything in here is so easy to understand, I now have the knowledge to move forward with lightroom, just got to practice, Truely a easy to understand course, masking and using the brushes, was a subject I struggled with now I understand how to use them, and my files are now in order. thankyou Jess

  2. Tracy Patton (verified owner)

    I truly enjoyed this course. I have been dabbling in Lightroom for years now and knew that I was not utilizing it to its full potential. Now, I have so many more skills and can’t wait to practice it more and more. Thanks for this course, worth every penny!

  3. Toni Provencher (verified owner)

    This is a great course for any beginner Lightroom user. Lots of time-saving suggestions and ways to increase your skills in Lightroom. I highly recommend this course!

  4. Chris Humphrey (verified owner)

    An excellent course, presented in helpfully bite-sized chunks. With the knowledge gained and plenty of practice, I feel confident I will be able to raise my editing skills to the level I aspire to. I thoroughly recommend this course.

  5. Ann Evans (verified owner)

    My husband always says, “Organization is the key to Success”, this course is exactly that. I so wanted to organize my files. Finally, I feel that Jess has offered me those skills to finally achieve the organization that I desired. If your pondering this class just immediately sign up for it. You will be so happy that you did. Thanks so much Jess!

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