Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Access
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This gets you access to the Online Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait course! The course is a 50 lesson self-learning online course that gives you over 9 hours of content along with downloadable sample images. Access is given for 6 months as standard. The aim of this course is to learn and replicate exactly what I would do for dog photography portraits in a live location, capturing “the shot” and being able to transform that shot with creative photoshop tools and conscious editing decisions. The style taught throughout this course is the Woodland Style seen in work during 2020, including the multi-award-winning images created during that period of time. This course is available either with or without the supporting asset, The Book, written by Jess specifically to support this course.

Optional bundle with The Book:

This A4 landscape book is paired as the supporting notes and workflows for the Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Course. The Book is delivered worldwide to your door via either standard post or courier. Don’t worry, you can start the lessons without the book – we promise!


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69 reviews for Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait Access

  1. Tiffany Champagne (verified owner)

    This course was amazing! definitely took my photography and editing to the next level.

  2. Susan Tuemkaya (verified owner)

    A well thought out and layed out, in depth course, it’s taken me from “umm can I do this” to “yes I can” it’s worth every penny as so much has been put into the video and into the book. I will be internally grateful to Jess for giving me the skills to go out there and take my photography to the next step. Thank you Jess this course nailed it. As they say up north, “that’ll do” thank you

  3. Andrea Sereni (verified owner)

    If you love dogs and take photos this is your course! I’m really happy (also sad) to have completed it. Jess is a great teacher, kind and competent. I recommend this course to anyone who want to improve fast and with a structured workflow.

  4. Abi Riley (verified owner)

    One of the most worth while things I’ve ever done! I started photography last year and fell upon That Tog spot pretty quickly as Jess is an excellent teacher and of course photographer. I decided to take the plunge with the course and I cannot believe the progress have made since! I have even managed to start up my own little pet photography business with my new found knowledge. I am one very very happy customer, 100% recommendation.

  5. Tanya Lee (verified owner)

    I have started a dozen photography classes and gotten bored or not found value in them. This was the FIRST one that not only did I thoroughly enjoy, but it took me outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow as a photographer. This course is well thought out, moves at the perfect pace and shows you techniques that I guarantee you didn’t know before, no matter how much experience you have had. A million thank yous to Jess for giving her knowledge to the rest of us. Don’t hesitate…if you are on the fence but want to improve your skills, this is absolutely the course for you. Worth it…very much worth it.

  6. Ayri Niemi (verified owner)

    As someone who has followed jess along my journey of discovering photography I can say whole heartedly “TAKE THIS COURSE!!” I have done several one to one’s with Jess and have learned so much from those session, I must say that even with the prior guidance I got so much from this course! I have learned theory and editing skills that I have scoured the internet for and never found. I cannot imagine my journey without Jess and the “That Tog Spot” team. Thank you all for putting this course together and for your continued work in this sphere. I will continue to follow you and gobble up all the knowledge I can. Thank you so much!

  7. Fleur HUTIN DEWILDE (verified owner)

    This course was absolutely fantastic. Jessica is an outsanding teacher. She takes you through the whole journey from the preparation of your shoot to the delivering of the pictures. This course was easy for a non native speaker like me to follow. It is technically spot on and so inspiring. I have improve so much thanks to this course. Thank you Jessica and your team.

  8. alix marina-chouhan (verified owner)

    Amazing course . Jess is a wonderful person as well as photographer and teacher. It is one special genre of editing- there are others- but the techniques and vision are super useful to know, then we can adapt them to what we want to produce.

  9. Toni Provencher (verified owner)

    I am so very fortunate to have stumbled upon Jess and MTOG last year. Being a part of this community and the education that Jess offers has helped me turn a passion and dream into a reality. The outdoor course is simply amazing and a must have!

  10. Judith Devine-Geuther (verified owner)

    This was a very satisfying course. I’ve taken many pet photography workshops all over the country, and I have spent more money and learned less. This course is loaded with information that was new to me, and the convenience of having the individual videos available to go back over and view them as much as I needed was priceless to me. Excellent course!

  11. Genevieve Maurice (verified owner)

    This course is exactly what I was looking for – an amazing teacher who took the time to explain everything I needed to know, without going into the weeds and the theory that I needed to know in order to progress as a photographer. The editing portion was extremely useful to me since I was new to Photoshop. I leave this training feeling confident that I can produce images that my clients will be thrilled with. Thank you so much Jess. Looking forward to following you closely on YouTube.

  12. Bronwyn Brown (verified owner)

    This is an amazing course with Jess. And what a sense of accomplishment when you get through it. The course was very well set out. It was challenging and sometimes frustrating to learn this style but I loved it! You gain a lot of knew knowledge not readily already out there. Yes, I would definitely recommend this course.

  13. Jennifer Mitchell (verified owner)

    This course is amazing! ! The video tutorials are excellent and easy to follow along with. This course has boosted my confidence and I would recommend to anyone wanting to take photos of dogs, but also in other areas too as the photoshop skills I have gained are transferable to other areas of photography.
    Thanks Jess!

  14. Dawn McCutcheon (verified owner)

    I loved every minute of this course. I did the photoshop course first and then jumped into this one soon after. Both courses have given me so much more confidence in both my editing process and in the shooting process. I feel I am shooting with more purpose and direction with a certain vision in mind rather than trying to save pictures I lucked on. If you are thinking about doing this course then jump right in. You will not regret it. Every topic is broken down into videos which get straight to the point and allow such a nicer learning experience and avoid any chance of overwhelm. I cannot recommend it enough. Thanks Jess!

  15. Chohee Courtois (verified owner)

    This course was exactly what I was looking for for a long time. So glad Jess put together this amazing resource. The course and the accompanying book give you countless valuable techniques, workflows, tips and important knowledge about creating the very best quality dog photography art. And each piece of information comes in great detail. Jess is an amazing educator who explains (even complicated) things in clear, easy language and she is also fantastic at boosting your motivation and confidence (but not in a pushy/superficially cheering way – that’s why it works). I’m grateful for all the knowledge and confidence I gained through this course. Thank you so much, Jess and the team.

  16. Adrian Faulkner (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved this course so much, I’ve been photographing my two children for years but dog photography is a whole new area for me and I’ve learned so much from this and Jess covers and explains everything perfectly I also love the book.
    I was really nervous about purchasing the course just because of the cost but it was worth every penny and I would highly recommend this to anyone, even if like me you’ve been using a camera and photoshop for years or you are new to photography, simply put this course is brilliant and worth every penny.

  17. Maria Badamo (verified owner)

    I strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their pet photography and processing skills. I recently took the Photoshop Foundations and Outdoor Portrait course bundle. Before these courses I had never even used PS. In just 3 months I feel very confident in my new skills. Jess just has an incredible ability to teach in a way that is so easy to understand and retain. Well worth every penny.

  18. Wendy Vandermosten (verified owner)

    Thanks to this course I have grown so much in 6 months. I’ve been struggling with photoshop and certain settings for forography for years and half, but thanks to this course I now succeed. Thank you Jess!

  19. Federica Repossi (verified owner)

    I followed Jess on Youtube and I found her brilliant and with excellent teaching skills, even for those who were not professional photographers. I decided to take his Online Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait course. And I was right! The course is pure art, where you can learn with clear language and improve processing skills, achieving results that you would never have hoped for. So thank you Jess for this wonderful resource.

  20. Tricia Charles (verified owner)

    All I can say is don’t wait another minute to purchase this course! I have watched all of her youtube videos and this course is a game changer! I can’t express enough how much this course has changed my photography for the better! It’s brilliantly put together, clear, comprehensive, and everything you need from A to Z to take great outdoor canine portraits. I am so happy with my purchase. Jess is amazing and has outlined everything in a way that makes taking this style of photography achievable for her students.

  21. Nika Kuplenk (verified owner)

    I was thinking hard what to write to do this course justice it deserves, but it is quite simple – If you want to make beautiful photos of your dogs, this course is for you. If you want to start photography buisness, this course is for you. If you think you know how to make beautiful photos of dogs, this course is for you. The only thing I regret is that it took me this long to get the course and that when I did, I didn’t (couldn’t) stop watching until I reached the end. I thought I was quite solid and knew the basics well before starting the course, but now there is a whole new universe of shooting ideas and editing techiques for me to enjoy and dive into. It was money well spent and I love that it went to such a talented, dedicated and hard working team!

  22. Mylan Dawson (verified owner)

    This is an incredible course in every way. I have not found any other resource as helpful to me in my journey as a pet photographer as this course has been.

  23. Lori Cope (verified owner)

    I can’t begin to say how much I have learned from this course. Jess has a unique style of teaching that helps you learn not only the how but the why. From light to composition to posing and editing, this course has it all! If you are looking to improve your photography and editing this is THE course to have. Thank you Jess, for all the time spent putting this together!

  24. Michelle Dempsey (verified owner)

    Wow I’m not even sure where to begin. I thought long and hard about purchasing this course but I certainly made the right decision in the end. I loved every minute of the challenge it brought to my life especially the editing section. I’m really looking forward to putting it all into practice now and being satisfied with my images.A huge thanks to Jess and her team for making this available to us and encouraging us all the way. Be in no doubt that this course will improve your images 100%.

  25. Gerda Dezitter (verified owner)

    I recommend the course to anyone, even when you are a beginner. Jessica is extremely clear in her instruction. She is easy to follow, even if english is not your native language. I loved every minute of it and I am looking forward to putting the lessons into practice.

  26. Helena Searle (verified owner)

    I am so pleased that i decided to enrol on this course. I have learnt so much from Jess. Her teaching style makes it all so easy to understand and follow. She teaches you about your equipment and the best camera settings for your dog shoots. The right composition and ideas on what to look for when cropping your image. I found the light theory fascinating and something I’m definitely going to have to keep practicing at. But her style of editing really blows you away. If you want a course that will really improve your dog photography i would recommend this one 100% Jess is amazing. Thank you so much.

  27. Liza Takács (verified owner)

    Loved this course, learned so much about paying attention to details and how it all comes together at the end even if you cannot see it in the beginning. As they say “Trust the process!” What is fascinating to me that the tips and tricks you learn can be implemented to your own workflow and style easily.

  28. Sue Woodcock (verified owner)

    Before completing the Advanced Outdoor Canine Portrait workshop, I first did the Photoshop for Beginners course. Both of these courses have been invaluable, and I’ve gained so much more knowledge than I ever imagined possible. Jess’s attention to detail is second to none. What you learn in these courses is just incredible. She explains everything at great length without leaving you with that feeling of being overwhelmed. She breaks it down step by step to make perfect sense. In the past, other courses have always left me feeling more confused than confident, but that has not been the case with Jess’s courses. If you are considering doing any of these courses I highly recommend them. Jess is a natural teacher who truly inspires you not just with her teaching but also as a photographer as well! Thank you so much, Jess!

  29. Fajar Liem (verified owner)

    amazing, i think this is by far my favourite online course. i have been watching your youtube channel for weeks and this lesson is exactly what i’m looking for. it has increase the way i shoot , edit, and handle my dog photography. previously i was using lightroom 90% of the time, now i’m using photoshop 80% of the time. i’m so gratefull to be able to find you and learn from your experience.

    i am looking forward for the next lesson .

  30. Tara Keane (verified owner)

    The content is really great and I did learn loads.
    However… for the cost I paid I feel I should be able to access this content for life without having to ALSO pay a membership fee to be able to refer back to a lesson again in the future. I have paid for lots of online tuition over the years and for all those other courses I have lifetime access. Why should this be different?

    • That Photography Spot (verified owner)

      Hi Tara, thank you for your comments and it is super to hear that you thought the content was great and that you learnt loads! I do feel that we are clear on all pre-enrollment resources that this is a time-limited course, but I will ensure all areas are checked and altered if needed to ensure there is no misunderstanding in the future regarding our learning model.

      Most professional online courses, as in courses focussing on professional CPD rather than sub-skills from professionals, have “end” dates or deadlines to ensure learners are aware of time management to effectively achieve their goals. If this specific course is completed over, say, a 1.5 year period, the learnings at the beginning are mostly forgotten and it directly reduces the efficacy of the course itself on the learner which is something we’ve seen firsthand.

      We do not and will not charge for a 3-month extension if the student needs that time, but we won’t be making any courses lifetime access as standard because that isn’t the kind of learning model we believe in. Wishing you all the very best on your journey, Jessica

  31. Julia Cowan (verified owner)

    Wonderful course! I learned so much and Jess is easy to follow. Worth every cent!

  32. Sandra Ferwerda (verified owner)

    The online Outdoor Canine Portrait course is very convenient because you can take the lessons at your own time and pace. The course is well thought out, with a logical structure and clear explanations, both theoretically and visually on the scene in practice. You can see Jessica live at work, while shooting and during post-processing. She’s holding nothing back.
    Even though I have been photographing dogs for several years and I have also followed some live dog photography workshops, I have learned a lot from this online course to further fine-tune my photography and post-processing. Well worth the investment!

  33. Jess Cavanagh (verified owner)

    I’ve done a lot of online courses and this one has to be one of the best I’ve done. I learned loads, I was pushed to be better and I honestly cannot thank Jess enough for this course.

  34. Elis Brown (verified owner)

    Fantastic! I am normally very skeptical of any online training courses but I can hand on heart say this course is worth every single penny. Thank you so much to Jess and the team for creating this course and all of the incredible content that has followed.

  35. Christine King (verified owner)

    This is an amazing online course! I’ve learned so much about composition, light, focal points, editing, photoshop, and more. I can’t thank Jess and the team enough for their efforts in putting these courses together. Thank you!

  36. Annemarie Visser (verified owner)

    An amazing course with so much detail and great explanations. I’m really glad I bought this course. It’s well worth it’s money. Even though English isn’t my native tongue it was really easy to follow along and understand all that was explained!

  37. Monique van Helden (verified owner)

    I have just finished the course and I learned so much!! Already after the first lesson I thought ‘oooooh, I can do this and this better during the photo shoot!’ And I got this feeling every time with every part of the course. I would prefer to do a 1-on-1 course ‘in real life’ with Jess, but these videos made it seem like Jess was right next to me. Thank you Jess and the team for making this course! I recommend it to every animal photographer who wants te learn more about taking the shots ánd the editing!

  38. Alisha Anderson (verified owner)

    Where to even start. I have so many positive things to say.
    The online delivery is excellent. I had no problems with buffering, load speed, or video quality.
    The course structure is optimal. There is a natural transition from one section to the next.
    As for the course content, I’m not sure I have adjectives strong enough to describe how thorough, well prepared and informative the course content is.
    As a hobbyist, the cost was initially prohibitive, but now that I’ve completed the course, it was worth every penny. You get way more than you paid for.

  39. Anna Drozdová (verified owner)

    Great and intensive course. All the work fit together beautifully. The only problem was my English, which improved again thanks to it.

  40. Daniel Fredriksson (verified owner)

    Best online course I have ever taken, rich in content and very educational.
    Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take a big step forward in their development when it comes to photography and editing.

  41. Terry Hunter (verified owner)

    Just finished…….Great course to do….so much content on photography and in depth editing…….Highly recommended, especially for beginners and Pro’s who want to take the next step in being the best they can be at photography.

  42. Elaine Walters (verified owner)

    Excellent! As an online course, I was skeptical about what I would get out of it. This ended up being beyond what I expected in terms of content and education. I cannot recommend taking this course enough! It has changed the way I shoot and edit and my journey with MTog has only just begun!

  43. Sian Jones (verified owner)

    Extremely rich in content – the depth and detail Jess goes into is impressive! This course has changed how I think about composition, I’ve gained a better understanding of light, how to use the multitude of tools within photoshop and helped me shape a style. An incredible course that is worth every penny. Thank you Jess!

  44. Tracy Doland (verified owner)

    This is going to probably be word soup because this course has truly made me speechless. This online course was incredible. So in-depth yet to the point. I thought I was purchasing this just to learn more about the editing style but I came out challenging my entire view on portraits in general as far as composition, light theory and camera settings. This course was seriously life changing. I feel far more confident in the work I can put out and potentially even sell now. As I was taking it I had to pinch myself and remember to breathe because I just felt so lucky to be getting such incredible insight! I will definitely be purchasing the Sh!t Hot Shots next! Seriously wow buy this you will not regret it. I could cry not that it’s over.

  45. Helga Jackson (verified owner)

    It took me a long time to decide to purchase this course – because, let us be honest, it is an investment. With me having experience for a number of years in photography, 25 years in photoshop, I was hesitating if this course will bring me enough value for the investment.

    And first of all – I LOVED THIS COURSE!

    It gives you so much information, even as a seasoned photoshop user, I picked up some great tips, which I probably will use now in all my retouching.

    The information is packaged in an easy to understand manner – which everybody can benefit from, and if you need to get up to speed for the advanced retouching – she offers a basic photoshop course which, I am sure, will be as awesome as this one.

    Her explanations to look at a scene to get the most amount of variety as well as getting the best position for your image are amazing, because you can see the scene through her eyes and can use that on your own location search. Even though my client’s dogs will most likely never be as well trained as her models – the principles still stand. I know I will have Jess’s voice in my head when I go out shooting next time. And hopefully I will find plenty of good things for me to feel positive about and will be able to critique myself in a way that will have me improving.
    If you are as hesitant as I was to sign up for this course – don’t be – you won’t regret it and you will be just as happy with your purchase as I am.
    Thank you Jess and Dan for creating such an amazing learning experience. I will drink some Yorkshire tea in your honor…😊

  46. Emma Gough (verified owner)

    First of all, all of the other reviews are bang on, this course is as good as it gets! I have wanted to do this for years now but the cost meant this wasn’t possible. However, I am so so glad that when I recently had some extra money, that I prioritised this as it is worth every cent! I’m so excited about implementing what I have learnt and taking the next step in my photography. I cannot recommend this course enough! Thank you so much, Jess!!

  47. Katharina Movik (verified owner)

    I loved every step of this course! The course is very educational, Jess is amazing, explaining things in a way that is so easy to understand and follow. I have learned a lot, and are realy excited to take my photography to the next level. I really recommend this course, it’s worth every penny! Thank you Jess – you are amazing!

  48. Neil Higgins (verified owner)

    This has been a game changer!

    From camera settings, composition and shooting tips, optical draws, light theory and colour harmony, through to full edits, this course covered everything I needed.

    Jess strikes a great balance between the technical and practical; editing alongside her makes the techniques come alive.

    Jess’ style of teaching gives you all the tools and techniques you need from which you can then create your own unique style.
    There is simply no comparison between my pre course images, and the images I can now create.

    I have no plans of becoming a professional but simply from posting my recent images on instagram I’ve had numerous people asking for shoots!

    Neil J Higgins

  49. Jess Chapman (verified owner)

    It took me a long time to get to a point I felt ready to do this course (and to save up!) but I am so glad I did. The difference I can already see in my photography is amazing. Whilst I’ve still got a. long way to go I feel like I’ve been given tools and knowledge to get there. The course is so well laid out and easy to follow. Big thank you to Jess for not only this course but all of her content that helps those of us with little dreams get better!

  50. Michael Davis (verified owner)

    The course was amazing, loads of content, loads of instruction and the videos feel more personal than on youtube. Thanks again Jess!

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