The Naked Tog aims to gather creators and photographers who are doing great things in their niche and give them a platform to discuss the honest truths about our work, lives, and behind-the-scenes. In essence, we’re stripping things back to be honest even at the highest levels, and in doing that I hope to help others around the world to feel a bit better. This time we speak to Michelle Szpak, an incredibly talented automotive photographer specialising in motorcycles. Michelle is also an epic human being and founder of Photographers Mindset.

Here’s her proper bio:

Michelle has been a professional photographer for 18 years. She is well-known in the industry for her Dramatic and Unique Automotive imagery. Moving into this niche in 2014, following running a high street portrait studio. Finding her passion and drive for motorcycle photography, and now cars. Her business focuses on creating unique pieces of art with her automotive subjects.

Michelle’s other passion is Mindset. Mindset is the foundation for a successful business and life. Having had a breakdown when working the 12 hours/7-day weeks at her studio and losing her love for photography, she embarked on a journey to understand more about mindset and what was needed to be successful. The photography industry is full of imposter syndrome, lack of belief, and procrastination. Michelle aims to help the industry overcome all these things, and to see more photographers have belief in themselves. Living the life, they truly deserve and love.

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The nature of The Naked Tog means that we’ll uncover some uncomfortable topics both in this episode and in the future. It might be suicide, mental health, sexual assault, self-harm, domestic abuse, financial distress or something else entirely but we do get deep. And for that reason, we need to provide trigger warnings and disclaimers. Consider this a general catch-all trigger warning, but each episode will have it’s own attached to it.

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We’re in this life together, so together we will continue. I’m with you throughout, so stay strong and fight on!