With Lockdown 2.0 kicking off soon in the UK we headed to a close woodland which we’d never visited before. We took Pippi because Alf had Conjunctivitis at the time (he’s ok now!) and we also took a new lens out, the Sigma Art 85mm 1.4. The walk and the locations we found throughout are covered in the Video:

Really, I just wanted to get some pretty photos of Pippi and usually I would just have edited my fave (the header photo) but for the video I did go through and edit one or two from each “spot”.

Shooting with the 85mm was pretty cool. I think it’s great for controlled portraits and closer work – I’ve also tried it in a client shoot and it only struggled once – with very strong backlight near a dark subject. That “weakness” is the same as the 105 1.4 and to be honest, most lenses will struggle in that situation too!

The lens held up well, it missed 4 shots focus wise but really, that was probably me! Insane hit rate for such a shallow depth of field and the rendition of background detail was beautiful.

I think we got some super cute shots in the half hour walk in this new location!

Verdict on the 85mm?

Yeah, it’s a keeper!

Here’s a quick link to view it on Amazon.

Verdict on the location?

I think we’ll be back!

My personal fave photo from the session was this one:

What do you guys think?!