The sixth live follow-along full edit is here! We’ll be working in Photoshop so knowledge of this program is essential to not get lost if you are following along. I will work at my usual tutorial speed, so please prepare for that!

Live Call information:

  • Live Session: March 31st, 2023 04:00 PM (UK Time) for 2 hrs
  • Registration: Essential via this link
  • Via: Zoom

Please not, you’ll get the zoom link to join the call itself on the day, not before, so please be patient.

Preparation & Files

To prepare for the Live Edit, you’ll need to have the following things ready:

  1. Ideally, a second screen that you can watch the Zoom call on so that you can see what we’re doing whilst following along on a different screen at the same time
  2. The file(s) for the edit downloaded and ready to go [bonus points for moving it/them into Photoshop before the video starts]
  3. The TPS Core Actions – these can be found here
  4. A good internet connection and a distraction-free space, I would recommend setting your devices to silent and letting your friends/family/housemates know that you are going to be concentrating for this video
  5. A drink and/or snacks on hand for the edit itself
  6. A notepad and pen for if you would prefer to take notes rather than follow along whilst watching

The button to find and download the RAW file for this edit will be added here in the 48 hours prior to the Zoom starting.

The recording of the Live Edit will be added below after the call is complete.